Monday, August 29

First weekend down as an actual radio host, how perfect for music Monday!

This weekend has been magical! It was nerve wracking and fantastic all bawled up into to two days of joy and very little sleep. When I woke Sunday to get ready, the shower was brisk and refreshing. Somehow my pilot light went out on my water tank. SURPRISE!

Day two at the station, on air with Chris started off slow, but we quickly found our groove. It was fun and I laughed a lot. I loved it! And I only got a few hater texts. Someone called me superficial and a princess (in regards to a comment I made about if a guy takes you out and uses a coupon to pay for dinner).
We are all entitled to our opinion!

Chris working his magic!

I love that mic!

It feels good doing radio, I dare say almost natural.  I love music, I love talking to people and I love joking around.
I can't wait for next weekend to do it all over again. To be back in the control room, in front of the mic with the little red light on....I can't wait!

For music Monday I found this and loved it instantly!

Lenka-The Show

I posted this song a while ago, but I loved it so much and I am feeling like it's my theme song right now!

Mindy Gledhill-Whole wide world

Have a great week with all the kids going back to school! I am so excited for the kids (and for all the parents too!)


I am grateful for Natasha who made me smile today when she told me I have naughty eyes. I liked that!

I am grateful that Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred is still just as horrible as I remember it. (But I'm doing it)
I am grateful for a healthy body that works relatively well.

I am also grateful for today on the show Chris talked about my blog! Then he posted a link to it on the FB page for 102.3 NOW. I got 600 hits before noon, and had some really wonderful comments and new readers. What a great day for my little blog!!


Princess Leah said...

I'm so glad you had such an awesome weekend!! I was listening on Saturday while I was canning and I think you two work well together.
Can't wait to hear more!
Well done!

Natasha said...

And now we can officially send the world a memo: Enough with the whispery little girl singing! We have enough singers doing this style. I love that Mindy song, too, and it was my theme song as I drove to BC for my move, but I quickly tire of that style. Enough!

And have I mentioned how much I hate my ex-husband right now?! ARGH!

Heather (Turnbull) Evans said...

I'm so happy for you right now, I don't even have words.
I'm thinking back to years gone bye, and you haven't changed a bit.
You always were a girl with "Great Big Plans", and you do "Hug the Whole Wide World", (you always did).You are an inspiration to many,and I hope that when you close your eyes at the end of a long hard day, you feel that.

J said...

Thank you so much for your kind words:)
It means a lot.


Tanya said...

I love Lenka! Nice song posting.