Wednesday, August 17

Exhausted, collapsing into bed, but someone did offer to purchase me today.

Today was a very busy day at Little Italy. I was literally running at one point. It was a very busy day. I like when I have busy days doing anything, it makes the time go faster. I really like busy days at L.I. It's a fun sort of busy just laughing and cooking. 

I enjoy chatting with the people who come in for food too. Today when I was clearing the tables off a table of guys complimented me and said,
"It's a waste your back doing dishes, we can't see you" I was flattered. 
I jokingly responded "I'm a dish slave today"
The guy then said, "I'd purchase you and you could come home and be my slave"

All the guys at the table with him just stared at him silent. Then looked at me. 

Well, I said,  I'm going to just go back and wash dished and not get purchase today...thanks anyway though. 
It was very awkward!

Giggle. I love the stories that are coming from this place!



I am grateful we now have Tiramisu, Mel and I shared one today. It was wonderful!

 Clearly it was enjoyed! Highly recommend it!

I am grateful for work. 

I am grateful I only have one more week left before I get to go back to the radio station!!!

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Mel said...

and it would be worth every penny ;) lol