Tuesday, August 30

Top 10 things I could have done without today.

Here is a list of the top 10 things I could have done without today.

Funny how on days like today, these horrible things don't get spread out over the span of a week. Making them more manageable, no, they come all together in one special day from hell gift wrapped in dog poo with a side order of suck!

10- Waking up to a lingering period. Back ache, sore legs, and headache. Also, I  have put on some of the weight I had lost so some of my pretty clothes don't fit the same right now. Always a nice way to start any day.

9-Having to do back to school shopping for the 3 boys in one day. This is unpleasant at the best of times, and made more enjoyable with a three year old diva tagging along pulling everything off the shelves she can get her hands on.

8-The weather being 24 degrees out. It was beautiful and we had to stay indoors all day shopping.

7-Children fighting in a truck. OOOH MY HECK! Why can they not get along for a few hours?!

6-West Edmonton mall. Why on earth did I take 5 children to the mall 2 days before school started?? The boys were not bad, but Nora would run away every chance she had. Also an exciting addition she would hide in the clothes racks and not answer me when I called for her.

5-Starving children at West Edmonton mall. They could not be hungry at home when I offered to make sandwiches, nope they all develop paralyzing hunger where lines are 50 people deep.

6-The phenomenon called instant full bladder. This never happens all together (like the hunger) it happens one at a time and in the most inconvenient of places. Like when there is no bathroom in sight? WTH?
Like this day could not get more difficult...

5-My doctors appointment for my "lady business" and running late for it.

4-Because of the experience I had in my last "lady appointment" when Nora opened the door to the room I was in smack in the middle of my exam, I decided to leave all the children in the waiting room. I figured this was not the greatest choice, but I had no other options (Sam was going to watch the kids for me during my appointment) but because I was late it didn't work out. Leaving them in the waiting room was not ideal, but it was only for a few minutes...what could go wrong?

3-Being naked from the waist down with a tissue paper blanket covering me, while waiting for my Dr. with my feet in stirrups and hearing the calming and tranquil sounds of my children running around and Nora screaming outside the room I was in. I was so angry, I got off the table quickly put my clothes back on and went out to correct my children.

2-When I got out to the waiting room to my surprise there was a man in an Orange shirt yelling at my children "SIT HERE AND STOP BEING SUCH AWFUL CHILDREN" Shocked and embarrassed I walked over to interrupt his next tirade of "JUST TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CHILDREN, IF YOU WERE MY KIDS...."
I just stood in front of him red faced and unbelievably angry. Why could he not just have been kind?
I wanted to just cry, and say I am doing my best here buddy!

1-I sat the children down (they could see how upset I was) said this was an important appointment for me and could you please just be quiet for a few more minutes? They all agreed and promised they would be good. I turned around to go back to my tissue paper blanket humiliation when the old woman sitting at the end of the row says to me as I walk by. "A better mother would have more control and better disciplined children... that's just shameful".

Thanks lady, I needed that.


I am grateful tomorrow is a new day, and that there is a pretty decent chance days like this don't happen back to back. But I could be wrong.
Fingers crossed!


Monday, August 29

First weekend down as an actual radio host, how perfect for music Monday!

This weekend has been magical! It was nerve wracking and fantastic all bawled up into to two days of joy and very little sleep. When I woke Sunday to get ready, the shower was brisk and refreshing. Somehow my pilot light went out on my water tank. SURPRISE!

Day two at the station, on air with Chris started off slow, but we quickly found our groove. It was fun and I laughed a lot. I loved it! And I only got a few hater texts. Someone called me superficial and a princess (in regards to a comment I made about if a guy takes you out and uses a coupon to pay for dinner).
We are all entitled to our opinion!

Chris working his magic!

I love that mic!

It feels good doing radio, I dare say almost natural.  I love music, I love talking to people and I love joking around.
I can't wait for next weekend to do it all over again. To be back in the control room, in front of the mic with the little red light on....I can't wait!

For music Monday I found this and loved it instantly!

Lenka-The Show

I posted this song a while ago, but I loved it so much and I am feeling like it's my theme song right now!

Mindy Gledhill-Whole wide world

Have a great week with all the kids going back to school! I am so excited for the kids (and for all the parents too!)


I am grateful for Natasha who made me smile today when she told me I have naughty eyes. I liked that!

I am grateful that Jillian Michaels and her 30 day shred is still just as horrible as I remember it. (But I'm doing it)
I am grateful for a healthy body that works relatively well.

I am also grateful for today on the show Chris talked about my blog! Then he posted a link to it on the FB page for 102.3 NOW. I got 600 hits before noon, and had some really wonderful comments and new readers. What a great day for my little blog!!

Sunday, August 28

My first day on air as a host!

I did not sleep great last night, obviously. I was WAY too excited to sleep. I was panicked I would miss my alarm so I kept watching the clock and before I knew it 6 am was on my little buzzing clock. I jumped out of bed and into the shower.
Got ready in record time and out the door I went. The morning was a beautiful one! And yes I pulled over to take this.

I arrived at the station around 7:30am and Chris and I visited and did some show prep a little before 8am.

Then it was time....

I think it went well. I was a little nervous, but the excitement was stronger! Taking calls and getting to talk to the 102.3 NOW family was really fun. Way better then pretending (when we were practicing).
I loved peoples take on the topics we were discussing. The NOW family is very funny and can be rather spicy.
My dad and Rhonda even called in!! They called in to the station to say "Hi" and told me how proud of me they were. It was a very nice surprise!

At the end of the show, Chris asked the listeners what they thought of me. He told them it was my first day and asked if I "passed or failed" And like every other topic, the listeners had lots to say. Here are a few of my favorite responses!

I even got a few hater texts, my favorite said: FAIL epic fail! Like the universe collapsing kind of epic fail.
I was also told, She fails, she talked over Chris. FAIL 

I was laughing so hard when I got those ones. Then they resent it another 4 times. So the message was loud and clear!

Other then those ones everyone else was really great and positive. And the best part was most of the positive ones were not from my friends, which was fantastic!

After I went home and made myself a celebration salad and had a nap!
I am really looking forward to tomorrow so I can do it all over again!


I am grateful for all the support I got from everyone. All the messages and well wishes. Thank you everyone! It meant a lot!

I am grateful Drew took the kids camping and they are having fun. I get to have this life experience alone and have lots of time to think everything over. I really appreciate time alone. And I'm glad the kids get one last camping trip in before school starts!

I am grateful for Chris and how great he is to me through all of this.

I am grateful for how good this feels. To actually accomplish something I have only ever dreamed about....is such a great feeling! And I did it!


Saturday, August 27

Here goes nothing!

Big girl panties on, pulled up to a comfortable and supportive position!

Big breath....in ...out..

I can do this!
I can do this!

I am capable, strong, and able!

Plugging my nose, and here I go, jumping in with both feet...


Friday, August 26

One day until air time!

One day left! Saturday morning I do my first morning stint as a co-host with Chris Love for 102.3 NOW radio at 8 am....

I think it is fair to say I am getting a little nervous. I feel like a mix of 10 emotions right now, all fighting for supremacy in my chest and stomach. Anxiety just gave self doubt a solid upper cut and is now giving fear a chock-hold while biting confidence's ear.

Anxiety is winning right now.

I am trying to use breathing techniques I learned from Dawson to calm myself down a little, it's been helping a lot, until I do anything other than breath. So...maybe not so much.

I am going to finish off this day as best I can. Get a good sleep (hopefully) and do my very best-est Saturday morning.
I will post the link if any of you want to watch. Please keep heckling to a minimum the first day, okay?


I am grateful for bedtime.

Wednesday, August 24

Hoping to get to know you

So with my blog, I have this thing called Google Analytics.  In a nutshell, it's a computer program that shows me where my readers are in the world (or as close as possible).  It's not terribly specific (I can't stalk anyone, and it doesn't give any details), but gives me a rough idea by giving me names of Cities that people are finding my blog from.  I find this program absolutely fascinating.  I love looking at a world map with dots on places that I've only dreamed about and the idea that there is people in these Cities all over the world reading about me and my adventures.

This is a screenshot of my readers from the beginning of July until now.  During this summer I've had just under 2,500 readers and I love looking at this.  It never ceases to amaze me.  

I wanted to take a moment and say "Hi" - to you, who is reading my blog.  I'd really love to know how you found my blog.  What do you think of it? What is your favorite thing to cook in your City that is so far away?  Would you be willing to share your favorite recipe with me?  

I want to get to know you better; all of you.  I've had the opportunity to get to know a few of my readers and I want to know more.  And I mean that.  So if you are feeling brave, I would love to chat - to learn more about where you're from.  Tell me something - like what (and where) your favorite restaurant is.  What do you wear that makes you feel like a million bucks?

Is there a specific post of mine that means the most to you?  How can I improve?  What's the weather like where you are from?  It astonishes me daily when I think of these little orange dots and what they mean and I sincerely want to know the people behind each of them; because each of these orange dots in a tiny way has helped shape who I am right now (trying not to get all Hallmark on you).  

Thank you so very much for your time. On days where I'm not feeling my best (like on Mother Nature's 'gift' days - and who in the hell thought to call it a gift?), these little orange dots have a magical way of lifting my spirits.  

If you want to, click on this little J to say hi!

Humbly and excitedly,



I am grateful for Midol.

I am grateful for my in-laws who fed us tonight.

I am grateful that it is 'T' minus 3 more sleeps until I am on the air for the first scheduled time!  8:00am MST.... big deep breath.  I can't believe this is actually happening.

I am grateful for hair day.  I have the best hairdresser in the world.  Her name is Sam and she works for Time Out Salon just west of Edmonton.  780-960-3666.  She is amazing.

Tuesday, August 23

Best picture of the summer

The end of summer is fast approaching, and school is around the bend. I was looking through my pictures from the summer, and I found my most favorite one! I absolutely love it. It makes me happy.


I am so unbelievably grateful for the wonderful people in my life. 

I am grateful for the universe giving my dinner party such beautiful weather. 

I am grateful for how euphoric I am feeling after tonight. I'll tell you all about it soon.


Monday, August 22

Last few finishing touches...

Tonight is my dinner party with friends. I am really excited and cannot wait to share everything that happens. I feel alive getting ready for this; I love doing things from my bucket list and am finding that it does not matter whether it's a big thing or a little thing off my list, I feel the same excitement and joy when doing them all.  The only part about tonight I am a wee sad about is that a few of my dearest friends were unable to make it, so rest assured I will have another in the not too distant future to celebrate you too.

For this Music Monday I am going to give you a small taste of my dinner party. These are a few of the songs on my "dinner party play list" that will be serenading us all night.

Have a great week, I am really looking forward to mine!


I am grateful for the weather forecast for my party! 

I am grateful for my in-laws who are taking the kids for the night!!!! 

I am grateful for wonderful friends to celebrate!


Saturday, August 20

DO NOT JUDGE ME! But I know you are gonna anyway.

This week has been packed full of judgment. I am getting it in hordes and from all over the place, so I decided to post this to add fuel to the fire of righteous indignation. You're welcome. I can't wait... in fact I wait with baited breath for my freshly baked muffins that are supposed to buffer the verbal slaughtering of my self esteem and self worth that you so generously offer in your sweet voice and tear filled eyes.

*** Take a breath J.... in through your nose... out through your mouth... WHEW! ****

That feels better.  Sorry about that!

Yesterday I was upstairs putting on my makeup. I had just had a shower and then had to put the finishing touches on my face which takes all of 7 minutes (I know because I timed myself once out of boredom).
I was not upstairs for long, which is the point. When I came down stairs this is what I found....

In case you can't see what she is drinking out of, it is a bottle of burgundy cooking wine.  She climbed up onto the cupboard, got the bottle down, dumped the entire bottle onto my iPod dock stereo, filled it with water and used it as a water bottle.

Ya, I was super proud, and a tad hostile, infuriated, enraged. I was not too happy. She did not actually drink any, she said it smelled really bad. Thank goodness!

I am glad this week has come to an end, and it's the weekend!


I am grateful for this.

I am going to blow it up and put it on my wall. I want my kids to see it everyday!

I am grateful Drew has been true to his word and is almost finished all the reno's before my party.

I am grateful for the laughs I get from my friends. It helps to ease the sting of being told I suck. And for the record, I'm rubber and you're glue; whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.



Friday, August 19


"The universe without music would be madness!"


I am grateful its bedtime.

I am grateful that frog that jumped into my flip flop when I was running probably died instantly when I stepped down on it UNKNOWING he was there. Please no calls from PETA.

I am grateful for my visit with physio guy today. It feels like forever and it was nice to say hi.


Thursday, August 18

Sleep walk peeing

Last night I stayed up a little later getting a few bits done around the house. When I was done I went to bed and just as I laid down I heard someone (one of the boys, who will remain nameless) get up and walk down the stairs into the bathroom. That would not be a big deal normally but all the boys are sleeping upstairs until Drew finishes working on the house, so the upstairs bathroom is much closer. 

I got out of bed and followed him downstairs to see what he was up to. He went into the bathroom, turned on the light and started peeing, except I was confused, because it looked an awful lot like he was peeing in the garbage. And not only was he peeing in the garbage, he was swaying side to side so some would splash on my wall and some on the toilet (but the majority went into the garbage can).  I did not want to say something and startle him (I figured he was sleepwalking - all of our boys do) so I let him finish and just giggled to myself. 

He walked up the stairs and I said "boy - why did you pee in my garbage?" He just stared at me, said nothing and walked back up the stairs and climbed into bed. 

I decided to clean it up in the morning; I was tired. 
When we all woke up I spoke to him about the night before. 
He did not remember anything, but giggled all day about it. "Really?" he would say, "I really peed in the garbage?"

Lucky lady who will one day get him!


I am grateful for funny children. 

I am grateful for Lysol wipes. 

I am grateful that this is possibly getting even better then I first thought!


Wednesday, August 17

Exhausted, collapsing into bed, but someone did offer to purchase me today.

Today was a very busy day at Little Italy. I was literally running at one point. It was a very busy day. I like when I have busy days doing anything, it makes the time go faster. I really like busy days at L.I. It's a fun sort of busy just laughing and cooking. 

I enjoy chatting with the people who come in for food too. Today when I was clearing the tables off a table of guys complimented me and said,
"It's a waste your back doing dishes, we can't see you" I was flattered. 
I jokingly responded "I'm a dish slave today"
The guy then said, "I'd purchase you and you could come home and be my slave"

All the guys at the table with him just stared at him silent. Then looked at me. 

Well, I said,  I'm going to just go back and wash dished and not get purchase today...thanks anyway though. 
It was very awkward!

Giggle. I love the stories that are coming from this place!



I am grateful we now have Tiramisu, Mel and I shared one today. It was wonderful!

 Clearly it was enjoyed! Highly recommend it!

I am grateful for work. 

I am grateful I only have one more week left before I get to go back to the radio station!!!

Tuesday, August 16

My day with Italian sausage. I'm not very mature.

Today I was working at the resturant and on the menu was Italian sausage. When I arrived we prepared all the Panini's, fixed garlic bread, chopped salad, and cooked the sausage. 

I am an immature pervert!

Gerry (my boss and the owner) put the sausage in front of me and began cutting them up into thirds, told me to watch and then I needed to finish.... and that's were the one liners began and just seemed to never end. 

Gerry: They are rather large, too large so cut them in thirds.
Sick perverted me: They don't look too big to me, I could handle it whole.
Mel and I begin snickering.

Customer: I love Italian sausage, I'll take the biggest one you have in there.
Sick perverted me: I agree - bigger is always better; size does matter!
Mel and I continue our giggling...

Mel: So Joe, I'm excited for your upcoming trip to Italy.
Sick perverted me: I am too if this is what I have to look forward to.

OOh make me stop!!! I am just horrible. 

Thank goodness I had other things to distract me today at work. These were brought in from the Italian bakery: 

Long things covered in cream and chocolate... Ya I know, I am just despicable!



I am grateful for the sweet lady that let me pick more raspberries to make yellow raspberry jam. 

I am grateful the boys hated being grounded so much they eagerly helped clean up and do chores!

I am grateful Italian sausage will be served again tomorrow.  Dirty perverted me round 2!

Monday, August 15

Drum roll please... introducing my other "GIG"

I got a job last week. It's kind of a fluke how it all happened; my friend Mel works for this little restaurant and one day they needed extra help... bada boom I got a phone call and an interview. 

It is a perfect gig for me. I only work a few times a week, for a few hours a day and it does not interfere with anything that goes on with the radio station. Plus I make tips... and I get to listen to Italian music all day and eat Italian meats and cheeses. Could it be any more perfect?
Ooh and did I mention I get a babysitter and get to pretend I am not the mom of 4 constantly screaming and fighting because they are bored (holy crap when does school start?) children... sigh. It's wonderful!

This week for music Monday I found a few cute songs I liked while watching the movie Juno. Man I love that show. The music was wonderful too.



I am grateful for how beautiful the weather was this weekend. 

I am grateful for the baseball game this weekend. It felt good to be back watching well built ball players, listening to drunk and rowdy fans scream at players eating stale popcorn while in the fresh air! I actually really loved it! 

I am grateful for ice cream and window fans.

Thursday, August 11

How canning peaches is like childbirth...

Today I literally ran the entire day. I did errands, picked up groceries, finished a few things I needed to do for the dinner party, got the oil changed, got my truck fixed...holy cow it was a busy day. 

Then something kind of huge happened, a little touch of magic.

While I was driving home from my busy day my cell phone rang. It was the owner of NOW radio, my friend Mark. He was calling to tell me that a group of rather important people had listened to all the demo tapes I had done (that is what I am doing when I go "practice" at the station with Chris). My heart stopped. 
I slowly asked, so, what did they think?
He said they liked it! And that the next step is me getting on air in the next little while! He said other things I either can't remember or I will down play because that's how I am.

I almost swerved off the road! He just told me they liked what they heard?!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!

This is actually going to happen! Really, truly, actually going to happen!

When I got home, I unloaded the truck, started dinner for the kids, all in a haze. My mind was in a blur of excitement. 
I kept replaying my conversation with Mark over in my head..."they liked what they heard" "I'm going to actually be ON AIR"
I was starting to feel my throat tighten up and I began to cry. My hands were still shaking from the initial phone call. I was completely overwhelmed in that moment. I did it! 

(In that very second I learned that I need never worry about this position of being a "walk on radio host" or "actually being on air" ever getting to my head. Because while I was basking in my own personal accomplishment for those brief moments my children were (in unison) screaming demands at me).
Ethan wanted to have pop with dinner, and why does he NEVER get pop?
Gabe wanted to eat pizza on the floor so he could watch the movie that was on so could I get him a napkin?. 
Seth was yelling something, but I could not make out what it was about. 
And then of course Nora was hollering at me to wipe her bum!


But they are kids,they don't care...they will forever keep me humble!

So I spent the majority of the evening alone, canning peaches and getting burns on my hands and feet. It was a nice night.
I found myself smiling about my day, and laughing at the comment made tonight about how canning peaches is like childbirth. 
It's painful, hard work and not lots of fun. But the end result is fantastic and in a few months you'll forget all the bad stuff and want to do it again.
So very true.

I am so very excited for what lies ahead of me, and ever so grateful for this opportunity. 

Thank you for seeing value in me!


I am grateful for how this accomplishment makes me feel about myself.

I am grateful for supportive people in my life who cheer me on, encourage and love me. I am a very lucky girl.

I am grateful for how my children keep me humble. And I am grateful to be a mom. I joke often about how much trouble they cause, but I am the woman I am because of them. The gift of motherhood is not a gift every woman gets, and that miracle is not lost on me.


Wednesday, August 10

Only 3 years later!

The renovations in my house that were started a few years ago (some as long as 7 years ago) are finally getting done. Drew has promised me that it is time I get to live in a finished house. He said he is only deciding this because I threatened to "accidently" run him over with my truck if they go unfinished one more day. He chooses the word "threaten"; I would prefer the word "inspire".

Regardless of the details of wording, potatoes patatoe... he is eagerly working to finish these undone projects before my upcoming dinner party and the beginning of the next school year. 

I am really excited to report job number one is finished!

This pole encased some electrical wires - it was a quick fix to pass a social services inspection when we were doing foster care for that special little girl that stayed with us.  I hate this pole.  I run into it, my toes hit it and it's wrecked a few of my shirts when I've walked too close.  I HATE THIS POLE.

Drew removed the pole, next is to take care of a few wires.

Ta da! Not only is the pole gone but now I have a plug in in the end of my island!  
See ladies, inspiring words do work! It's true, you do get more flies with honey... or a 5,000lb Yukon.



I am grateful/really excited for this dinner party.  I know, I know you are sick of hearing about it without actually getting details but how I envisioned it is really coming to fruition.

I am really grateful for friends that brought home peaches from BC for me.  I have an awful lot of canning to do in the next few days!

I am grateful all of Drew's hard work on the house.  I joke, but it means a lot that he is finishing this house for me.  FINALLY.  

Tuesday, August 9

Headed to the movie, wound up at the Michael Buble concert!

Dear sweet fate, I could kiss you tonight, and maybe even with a little tongue!

Tonight after I finished teaching my child birth education class I was headed to a movie with English Sam and her sister who is over with her family to visit. The three of us were excited to get out and go see Bridsmaids (which I have already seen but would go again because it was so stinking funny).

Before we got to the theater we had to make a stop at Winners to pick up a few bits for my up coming dinner party. I was sitting in the back of the truck thinking about what I needed to get.  I do not remember what we were chatting about when Sam mentioned she had found 3 Michael Buble tickets for tonights concert on Kijiji earlier in the day, but they were already spoken for. She went on to say how the man told her if the people decided against them he would contact her. 

This is where is gets a little creepy...

Out of no where Sam's phone rings. 
She said she did not recognize the number so she hit the silence button.
I am not sure why, but I said, "what if it's the guy for the Buble tickets?"
She grabbed her phone, and to all of our utter shock, the man had texted Sams phone before calling asking how close we were to the stadium.

My heart began to pound and I held my breath as she dialed his number.
She called him back and sure enough, the first people backed out, and now he was offering them to us.  Three tickets happend upon us. Ooh Sweet Fate!

Sam pulled the truck over, got into the back seat and I got in the front and sped off to the stadium. 
She worked out all the details to get the tickets while Sams sister Jen just kept saying" is this really happening?"
I drove like a mad woman, but kept all traffic laws. And even if I didn't it was the Englishman's truck, so he'll get the ticket not me! ha ha!

It was already 8:30 and Mr. Buble was to go on by 9pm.  I did not want to miss one single second of him. I saw him when he came to Edmonton a few years ago...he is more then worth a silly speeding ticket!
We arrived with 10 minutes to spare, found the woman with the golden tickets and we went in. The seats were amazing, I could not believe our luck. I took pictures of us with the tickets, amazed still at what had just happened. 

Still very much in shock over everything. With my drink in hand I waited as my heart pounded.

And then he arrived.... 

For those of you who are only reading this and have not yet yourself experienced Michael Buble in concert my heart breaks for you, and I mean that.

He is wildly entertaining, make you throw your head back roaring in laughter funny, his dance moves and stage presence are like watching a figure skater on ice, not to mention his voice...ooh his voice. 

Sultry, seductive and ever so sensual. This man has got his craft mastered. He glides across the stage in his perfectly fitting suit, and sensational shoes conducting his mini orchestra to the sexually charged lyrics that he so gently thrusts into the ears of thousands of us who are completely at the edge of our seats in a trance like state hungry, very eager and ready, just begging for more. 

His passion and soul are so raw and honest in his performances that I cried when he thanked us for coming. I felt his gratitude and his humility and I believed that it was his pleasure.  I do think he was crying when he sang to us without using the mic at the end, and I know my eyes were not the only ones wet while listening to him.

Thank you again Michael Buble, for an amazing evening, and thank you for not forgetting to sing my favorite songs. 

Thank you fate, and thank you stupid people who gave up these seats!


I am so grateful for exciting things that seem to happen to me. They keep my life interesting and exciting.

I am so grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Buble. your son is fantastic, and you should be very proud!

I am grateful that I got to see Michael Buble tonight! 


Monday, August 8

Living with a three year old Diva and Music Monday.

This weekend I found Nora urinating out side on the step. I wish this was the first time I have found a child of mine using my lawn as a toilet, but ...sigh...it is not.
A few years ago Seth actually pooped outside on my lawn. So it was no surprise to me that she was doing this. What did surprise me was her response to me when I spoke to her about it.

Me: Nora, what are you doing?
N: I am peeing mom!
Me: Ya, I see that, why are you doing that?
N: I was bustin, *said while rolling her eyes at me and wobbling her head (busting is an English term for having to pee really badly)
Me: I figured you had to pee, I am asking why are you doing it outside. You should be using the potty upstairs like a nice girl.
N: With her hand on her hip and her head tilted to the side, "I was bored with that, I wanted to try something new".

Well pardon me.

I get to go back this week and keep practicing at the radio station with Chris, I hope I have some exciting news to share with you by the end of the week!!!

So for Music Monday I have a few gems for ya!

Maroon 5-Moves like Jagger

And because Micheal Buble is playing in Edmonton this week, and sadly I do not have tickets to go see him...sigh... I will play my favorite songs of his to enjoy and pretend I am there.


I am grateful Kelly came up to visit us this weekend. I have missed her so much and I have wanted to hear all about her trip to China. 

I am grateful for all the home reno stuff that is getting done. Drew said he wants me to live in a finished house. That is very kind and I am grateful for all the work he has been doing.

I am grateful my dinner party is getting closer, I have been working on the menu this weekend and getting really excited.

I am grateful for small distractions.


Thursday, August 4

Laundry laundry and a radio station.

Today was day two of catching up on all the laundry from our holidays. Honestly, I am shocked at how much there is to do AFTER the vacation is over. Once again, I would like to make a public apology to my mother for all the years of work she did for Dawson and I and I did not help at all. 

But I did get to go into the radio station today for my practice. I love working with Chris, he is so nice. I go in again tomorrow too, fingers crossed.


I am grateful for a movie with friends. It was good to see the Brits tonight, Sam's sister is visiting and I have not seen them in a few days. And today is their 1 year anniversary of being in Canada!!! Congrats guys! 

I am grateful for how patient Chris has been through this process. I am learning lots and working hard. 

I am grateful for sunny days, and heading to the beach. 


Wednesday, August 3

Oprah and her great ideas.

On one of the days while we were in B.C. I picked up an Oprah magazine. I was interested in one of the articles that was displayed on the front and figured it would be a nice light read for on the beach.
After devouring over half of the magazine, soaking up everything Oprah so thoughfully wrote to me personally, knowing how much I needed to hear it (very thoughtful of her) Sam and I found the article on making a Vision Board.

The way I understood the concept of a vision board was simple; you make a collage of pictures and words that mean something to you personally. You find pictures of things you want; things you want to become, places you want to go and display them for yourself so you can look at it (daily) and be inspired (in a nut shell). 

The weather (in Chase) had not been great at night after the children were in bed, often getting rather cold and raining, which left our evenings open. So we decided to start working on our own vision boards. I looked at it as a visual bucket list of sorts. We went back to the store, bought a ton of magazines and glue and began ripping and cutting. The advice that was given was to look for words and pictures that move you. You might not know why that word or image moves you, but when you look at it and you feel something (good), put it on your board.

It has taken me almost 5 days, but I have finished my vision board. 

Here it is...

LET ME EXPLAIN SOMETHING FIRST - The picture on the left side of the statement "Rock the Boat" is not a breast. It is a piece of wood. I have wanted a cake stand made out of maple for a little over a year now. It is NOT a woman's breast. I repeat, NOT a breast. Just to be clear before you start writing me long detailed concerned letters or show up on my doorstep because you are worried about me. 

I'd like to take a moment and explain some of the pictures and words on my vision board and what they mean to me, so you can get to know me that much more.  To those of you who could care less and don't want to know more about me, scroll down to the gratitude's.

There are two pictures of Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake on my vision board.  I'm not interested in Mila, but yes I will happily take Justin Timerblake.  To skip all formalities and make it easier for him, Yes Justin I will marry you.  No, but seriously, I liked how these two pictures made me feel and I want a relationship of mine to be like them; in the one image they want to tear each others clothes off (I'm obviously interested in that) and in the other they are laughing and clearly enjoying each other's company.  I shouldn't assume that that is the goal of everyone's relationship, but that is the ideal for me.

On my vision board I have four globes, representing travel for me.

Jamie Oliver and his stone oven is smack in the middle - I want to one day own a stone oven; I want this more than words can express.  This is the one single worldly item that I desire more than any other.  It even beats out the pair of Jimmy Choo's that I want to one day own.
And I'd like to one day meet Mr. Oliver.  In London.  At his restaurant.  When I go in October.

At the top of the board in kind of a ransom note sort of style I have "J Believe the Voice Within".  Sometimes that inner voice gets stifled with competing exterior noise and worldly pressure. I'm working harder at listening to what that voice tells me because when I do listen to it, amazing things happen for me.

There is a picture of my bridge in New York close to the bottom left above the word Passion.  This bridge was magical to me in a way that I don't understand when I first saw it in New York.  So when I saw it in a magazine when I happened to be working on a vision board I thought that was pretty amazing.  I don't know why, but it's on my vision board.

There is a basket of sporting equipment beside the woman who is meditating.  I've been working on meditation and I try to stretch and meditate every day.  And the equipment is to remind myself of my first true love and how I need to get back to playing more sports (basketball specifically); it makes me happy and clears my head like nothing else I have tried.

The picture of the African woman on the far left is obvious - I want an African woman.  Just kidding.  I would love to go to Africa one day.  After Europe, Australia and Africa are the two places I would like to go visit next.

I would love to learn to play chess (the picture is above the word Orgasm).  And for the record, I have had many, many, many Orgasms I just think that word should be on every woman's vision board.

The picture of the table set with the tomatoes in the middle is because I want more dinner parties.  I want dinner parties to be a regular thing in my home.  I want people to feel how much I love them when they come to my house for a dinner party.  Food and friends.

I think that's about all.  If there are any questions of anything else on my vision board that you would like me to explain, feel free to comment and ask.  I'd love to tell you.

I found this project rather enjoyable. I believe in visual reminders and I think the positive words and statements will help with this new chapter of my life. Well at least I hope they will anyway.



I am grateful for the unexpected visitors tonight - it was wonderful to catch up with you ladies.  Thanks for the walk and the laugh.  And thank you for my magnet present.  It's perfect and I love it.

I am grateful that my washing machine and dryer work so well now, to assist with the eight bagillion loads of laundry that I have to do.

I am grateful for life and all it's beautiful twists and turns.  

Tuesday, August 2

I'm Home, And None Too Happy About It

I have arrived back at home and so begins the mountains of laundry, and the self scrutinizing over the 5 pounds I've gained... or 10.

So I'll tell you all about my trip tomorrow.



I am grateful my children are of the age that they travel so well.

Monday, August 1

Yodeling for Music Monday

I spent the entire weekend celebrating my grandparents 80th birthdays, which means I spent a lot of time with my grandparent's friends.  So for Music Monday I wanted to show you one of the little things that happened at my grandparents birthday - and I know you are all very jealous.

I'll tell you more about the rest of my weekend but for now here is a little sample.



I am grateful for family, even though I cried like a baby saying goodbye to everybody.

I am driving home.  I should make it all the way home tonight.