Tuesday, July 26

Wrap up of my trip to B.C. with the Brits.

So the week we spent in Chase B.C. was a disaster (weather wise). It is always a hit and miss thing when you go anywhere with the intention of sitting on the beach and playing in the water. Most of the time the clouds were out, blocking any chance of tan improvement I might have gotten. Then for about 1 hour every day the sun would peek through and pound heat on us. When the sun would appear, we would all run down to the beach with our towels and play for our allotted time until more clouds rolled in and hid the sun.
I only used about 20 squirts of my SPF 4 tanning oil. Disappointing to say the least.

But even though the sun was playing hard to get, we did have fun keeping busy doing other things. The kids rode their bikes, went skateboarding and played at the playground a lot.

The Brits seemed to have had a great time. It was nice to have them join us. It is amazing to me that people who have traveled and seen some of the most beautiful places in the world, places I dream about, were impressed with the place I love the most. 


I am grateful for all the sleep I got today. I was not feeling great. 

I am grateful for the rain tonight, it is such a wonderful noise to fall asleep to. 

I am grateful for how Natasha's world is changing for the better.


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Natasha said...

Love you, darlin' and always will.