Monday, July 25

Welcome Back J, from the brink of insanity!!

(Big stretch...and a yawn.)

Wow, these last ten days have been fantastic! I had decided to take the last ten days off from blogging and give myself a much-needed rest. To be honest, I took the last ten days off from life, in general. A mandatory action before I was found in the fetal position off in the corner somewhere rocking and mumbling, drooling all over myself while humming Britney Spears.

I have been working on my sleeping-in skills (I need very little sleep and am normally up by seven every morning), but, I have been sleeping in until nine these last few days! I know, AMAZING, right? I have been eating when I want to, and not when a horde of little ones begin bellowing at me that they are STARVING.

I have enjoyed having total control over the remote and the music we listen to. I like to think I have rather good taste in music. My children, on the other hand, would disagree. They prefer to pick songs that have been tared and feathered, slashed and then driven over by a creature called Crazy Frog (or the Mini-Pops) and because they outnumber me, I am often forced to concede to their choices. It is what I imagine Hell will be like, Cotton-Eye Joe done by Crazy Frog alternating with the Mini Pops version of Bleeding love and they will be on loop.

Sigh.... It has been exactly what I have needed to recharge my creative batteries and get focused again. On my extended ten-day siesta I found some new music, too, that I can't wait to share. While you are listening to the new tunes (which I hope you love), I need to go sort my "travel tummy".

I am sure I am not the only person in the world whos body will not "function" while away on vacation right?
It is like my body is scared of other restrooms and goes on lock down until my return to home base. Almost like a bowel version of Alcatraz.

I try to explain to my body, this is a perfectly nice restroom, look how pretty...yet nothing. Very frustrating and rather painful.

So with that imagery, for which I know you are thankful, here are a few gems I have found over the last few days.


Lindi Ortega-Little Lie

Tight rope-Janelle Monae

Fitz and the Tantrums-L.O.V

Such a Colorful World-Max & Simon


I am grateful for sleeping in. I am not really great at it, but I am working on it.

I am grateful Drew gave me this week off.

I am grateful for how I am feeling.

I am grateful for Natasha's visit and for her editing this blog post. She is the funniest person I know in the world, and so pretty, too. (wanna guess who actually wrote this last one?)



Natasha said...

Whoops. "Tarred". Edit fail.

Princess Leah said...

Glad to have you back!! I have missed your humor and I totally understand the travel bowel thing!!
Happy Monday!