Friday, July 1

The True North Strong and Free

Happy Canada Day!!!!!

Here is a little Canadian Content to put you in a great mood for the party today!

The Tragically Hip-Poets

Brian Adams-Summer of 69

Shania Twain-I feel like a woman

I love Canada, but I am biased. I have grown up with all the space, beautiful blue skies, the cold, animals, humble pride. I think it's a great place. So yesterday when I was talking to English Sam about the past year she has spent in the True North, she made a list and I wanted to share it. I think it is interesting what her and the other Brit have come to love about this place I call home.

So here it is, Canada according to the Brits.

1. How friendly all Canadians are. Apart from one lady who didn’t talk to me at the park one
day, everyone else talks to random strangers all of the time.
She is talking about me here. When we first met I was in a rather bad mood and was not really chatty. but we did eventually talk and became best friends...yet I still get harassed about this.

2. How laid back life is, to the point that nothing gets done quickly, but everyone is chilled and
This actually sounds like a burn Sam...I should do something about it to show you i don't appreciate it...wait, Ill do it later I need to sit for a bit....ya never mind I cant be bothered. 

3. How good the education is. Small class sizes, good teachers and a really good curriculum.

4. How vigilant the police are with speeding cameras (4 fines between us in the first 3 months)
but how nice they are to Brits when they pull them over (2 speeding fines let off due to the
Wait a sec here..You did not get out of tickets because of the accent. Its not THAT charming. You got out of the tickets because you told the officer you had bowel problems. Nice try!
For the record, Karma quickly bit you in the A$$ shortly after this bathroom fib to the RCMP when the heavens hucked a deer in front of your truck. 

5. Weather, yes the weather. What can I say? Hmm...... It is definitely more stable than
England. Winter and snow for 7 months, then 2 months of spring and rain, 1 month of
summer and mosquitoes and 2 months of autumn and rain again.

6. Red meat. There is nothing like the steaks you get here, delicious!
Alberta Beef BABY!!

7. Landscape, wildlife and blue skies. To answer the question I have been asked a few
times ‘Are the skies really bluer here?’ Yes they are, and they are so big (that’s what she
Well Done Brit, well done. You have been paying attention!

8. Outdoor activities: skiing, snowboarding, skating, tobogganing, hockey, hiking, canoeing,
rafting, sailing, fishing, hunting, walking, golf, the list of things to do is endless!
What on this list have you done exactly?...giggle

9. How safe it feels here, to the point where people leave their cars and houses unlocked.
Completely alien to Brits, who if you left your front door unlocked would not only have all
your TV’s, computers and valuables stolen in seconds but more then likely your furniture,
food, clothes, carpets, curtains, lights and anything else that wasn’t permanently fixed to the
So true, I grew up in a small town and don't remember ever locking the door.

10. Joelle!!!
Obviously! But I think this one should be big trucks. We have very impressive trucks here.Manly big trucks.

Thanks guys!


I am grateful for our beautiful country!

I am grateful for being a woman in Canada! I am a lucky girl.

I am grateful for all things Canadian.


A little more Canadian music to finish it all off!

Nickleback-Burn it to the ground

Nelly Furtado-Turn off the light

Tom Cochrane-Life is a highway


Maria said...

How on earth did you miss RUSH in your little tribute to Canadian music? Just saying...

Natasha said...

What happened to Joel Plaskett? Oh man. I have to do my own post of GOOD Canadian music to make up for some of this. Shania Twain?!

Sam, I lock my doors all the time and always have. Plenty of people do. We're the ones who don't get stuff stolen from our vehicles.

Our monster trucks in Alberta are not a selling point.

Life is laid back here?! Well, I guess everything's relative. I was astounded at how laid back Italy felt in comparison.

Natasha said...


Life is a Highway?! What is this? 1992? Yeesh.

You kill a little part of my heart, Jo. You do.

(Thankfully, you plump up more of it than you kill.)

Leah M said...

Thanks Brits!!
I agree, and honestly, as a life long Canadian I haven't done half the things in number 8 either.
Happy Canada Day!

J said...

I love Nckleback Tash, i really do!