Friday, July 8

My day of Gratitude.

I have been struggling with writing and feeling creative and funny these last few weeks. For personal reasons I am choosing to not go into great detail about it yet. 

So because of that, I was over joyed that I had some exciting things happen this week, giving me a few things to write about, and look forward to.

Today I was back in the radio station doing more testing and practicing with Chris. I love that the more time I spend there, the more comfortable I feel. While I was there, State of Shock came in to do an interview with Chris and I got to meet them. They said hi, introduced themselves and hugged me (they hugged everyone, but mine meant more to them. I could see it in their eyes).

It was a fun time. 

Because of my lack of creativity I am going to fill the rest of this post with gratitude, in hopes the universe sends me a funny story to blog about for tomorrow, before I lose all writing ability and end up a heap of crying mess on the floor. Or a Meth addict, whichever comes first. 

So with that!

I am grateful my children are not allergic to mosquito bites, Gabe has 32 on his back from playing outside  this afternoon. If he was, he would be dead right now. 

I am grateful for prosciutto, pesto, eggs and tomatoes...

I am grateful for fans, holy crap its hot in my house. (I'd be even more grateful for AC)

I am grateful for good friends who visit me and chat all night. 



Lucy said...

If we lived closer I'd come and chat to you all night long as well!! cause I love ya!!

TheRealSlimKatie said...

You are so comical!! Congratz on the Hob-Knobbing!! ♥