Saturday, July 30

Happy Birthday Dawson!

It was my brother Dawson's birthday today. Because we are in Chase, all here to celebrate my Grandparents 80th birthday (all of us meaning my extended family) it made my brothers birthday even more fun today.

This is the group of us at dinner.  In the scuzziest little restaurant known to man.  

This is the cake I had the baker make.  I thought I was pretty clever.

Happy Birthday Dawn's Son!
After dinner, we all went to the hall where my grandparent's 80th birthday is going to be tomorrow and we decorated.  One of the tables where we decorated had old photo albums and so after we finished decorating the hall and getting everything sorted my cousins and brother and I started to look through the photo albums.  Here is a few gems that I found:
This is me - I'm guessing I'm about 6 or 7 years old.  I think my mom hated me.

This is me and my brother Dawson AKA Dawn's Son.  Nice dress Mom.  Of all the dresses you could pick out for your only daughter to wear, you choose this one?

Here is me with my Ralph Macchio hair.  

I don't even know what to say about this.  At least I look... well no, I don't even look half decent.  But at least I don't look as stupid as my brother.

An old volleyball picture from high school.  Not bad positioning.  Well done #12.
This picture was taken after high school when I was a camp counsellor one summer.  I was doing what is called the pamper pole where you climb a thirty foot pole, stand on it then jump for a trapeze bar.  I missed it, but I love how that picture makes me feel.

This is me and my mom.

And this is my cousin Chris.  Helping out decorating.  Thanks buddy.

My mom, brother and I one Christmas.
Off to bed... had a long day.  I'm done laughing at how ridiculous I looked back then.  Got the big birthday tomorrow that I somehow got talked into being the MC for.  I need my beauty sleep.



I am grateful that Tash ended up here somehow in a weird twist of events as she drives to Victoria. She stopped by our campsite to get some sleep on the way through.  

I am grateful for my fortune cookie fortune.

I am grateful that all my family is here.  We've been having a good laugh.


Amy said...

Fun pics! I even made it in one ;)

Natasha said...

OH MY HECK. I laughed so hard at the picture of you with Ralph Whoeverheis hair. WHAT THE HELL?! How could anyone, at any time period, in any culture think that would look good on a BOY never mind a GIRL?! And no, you look much worse than Dawson in the photo with the braided headband. Good grief.

And why do you keep taking photos of me for which I'm unprepared? And seeing as this is the only one that's made it on here recently, I'm guessing the other ones were terrible? This one makes me look fat. Whatever. I really don't care. Because I'm about as tired right now as I was then.

Melissa Haavind said...

Oh my those pictures were great!!
The one picture you commented about the dress you are wearing....I had the same dress in grade one!! It must have been the "in" style of dress! LOL We also had the same couch! hahahaha! Dawson looks like he ready for a office meeting!