Friday, July 15

Beautiful little Chase B.C.

Well, I have been here in B.C. for two days now and all it has done is rain. There have been a few brief moments of sun, but truly, they have only been minutes. Then the clouds come rolling back and the rain starts again. But even with that, this is still one of the best and happiest places I have ever been. 
I love this little town!  

The reasons it makes me so happy are simple, but they are good enough for me to keep coming back year after year. If I could show you the pictures you would see a beautiful lake. In the early mornings when the lake is still and calm, before all the boats disrupt it, it looks like glass. That is the perfect time to go water skiing. I love boating and playing in the water. My children and I have grown fond of diving off the boat in the middle of the lake to cool off in the blistering heat, it's the best part for us all. 

The town is tiny, and everything closes at 5pm...but there is the best bakery here. I go everyday. It is called Craigs, and their homemade soup is one of the 27 reasons I love it so much here (another reason is my eyes work better in B.C. I had Lasic eye surgery a few years ago, and when it's humid out and my eyes are not dry, I see crystal clear).

At Craigs, there is a little book by the cash register that you sign and leave a message in when you come. Strange, but I look forward to leaving a new message every time. 

Chase also has a little shop that I just love buying shorts and clothes from, its called G-Force and the woman who owns it is always so friendly, and always remembers my name. She always has a smile, and will chat with me forever.

I love being by the mountains. I feel so alive with all the fantastic shades of green everywhere. It is comforting for me to be surrounded by their silent strength.

In the near by town of Serento, there is an art show every July, and I love going. The local talent that is showcased at the show is always diverse and allows all ages to participate. I love taking an hour or so and looking through everything. One day I will buy something from the show that I have fallen in love with.

There is an adorable used book store in Chase that I love visiting, the couple always make me smile, and are so eager to help me find something. It's like they are genuinely pleased when I have something good to read, and the children love finding a treasure to enjoy too.

Every year when we drive home, back to Alberta and to real life, I cry when we pass the border. When I leave behind the humid, lush beauty that has become a real and deep part of me, my heart brakes a little. 

This place is like a little piece of heaven, and I wish you were here.


I am grateful that even when it rains here, its is often still warm enough to stay in my bathing suit.

I am grateful my computer is working tonight. 

I am grateful the children have avoided injury so far....knock on wood.



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Natasha said...

Oh, you're going to have one injury while there. Your fault for not birthing some nerds.

The solution to your heartbreak is obvious: Move to BC! All the cool kids are doing it!