Wednesday, July 27

Back again to beautiful B.C.

I am flying back to B.C. this morning to attend my grandparents 80th Birthday party this weekend. My ride picked me up at 5 am, what a horrific hour of the day, I hope to never see it again. 
I had a great week off alone at home while Drew and the kids played in B.C. 
I went to the radio station yesterday went really well. When I get home I will do more work with Chris and keep improving. I love it more every time I am there. 

So off I go, for another round of sun and beach, hopefully the weather cooperates this time. 
I'll be in touch. 


I am grateful for this radio thing. I am learning so much from everyone there, and I am so thankful for the time I am there. I forget all my worries and cares, and just focus on doing something fun and exciting.

I am grateful Mels Grandmother finally passed today (she was 100) I am sorry for her loss, but I am glad she is no longer suffering. 

I am grateful for life lessons. I am grateful for everything I learn about myself while going through them and one day I'll be happy for the really painful ones too. Just maybe not today.



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TheRealSlimKatie said...

I had to play catch up... ('~') I'm glad you got some time off, (whatever that may be...) I used to be up and out the door by 5:15am when I worked at Tim Horton's. That was my absolute favorite time of day. Yes, I am a morning person, supposing I haven't woken up to the Mario Brothers theme song, remixed with Charlie Bit My Finger, Crazy Frog and FRED!! ;) Thank goodness I'm not the only one with kids who like that stuff!! Now, to find a way to like the new "TRANCE" music my 13 yr old is listening to....... Sheesh!! ♥