Thursday, June 23

What a glorious day outside!

This afternoon Nora and I went and got a Slurpee and sat on the school grounds of Seths school for a few hours waiting for his classes to end. What a Marvelous day it was. The sun was bright and hot, there was not a cloud in the sky. I laid in the grass and listened to music on my phone and for a few brief moments, I forgot all my troubles and worries.  All the stress of the last few days had disappeared and all I felt was calm. 

I love moments like these. 


I am grateful for Noras smile. Her laughter brightens even my darkest days. 

I am grateful for the new pair of Argyle socks I got as a gift tonight (because of the cat)

I am grateful for my healthy body. Thanks PG, I miss you. I'll come see you soon! 


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TheRealSlimKatie said...

Nora is beautiful! And her smile brightens MY day!! hahaha