Thursday, June 9


What a day!

Where do I even begin?

So yesterday I received a call from the owner of NOW radio in Edmonton, I'm sure I have mentioned it here and there. Well, I was invited to come in and talk with the "Boss" about possibly being a radio co-host with one of their other guys.....

Yes you read that correctly!!!!! ME, A POSSIBLE CO-HOST, for my favorite radio station!!!!!

He told me that he read my blog, and likes it.

I met with the host I might get to work with, and I have been asked to come back in the morning to do a "mock show" and have it taped. Then have it "reviewed" then maybe come back on Monday, do another mock show and see what they think!


I really have no idea, or expectations about this. All I know is I have nothing to lose. This opportunity is a gift, and I just hope I don't mess it up, or pee my pants....not sure which one would be more embarrassing.

I will write more after my pretend show, and hopefully it will not involve urine.

I am still in shock, a tad stunned actually!

But my outfit was killer!

I can't wait to tell PG!!



I am so unbelievably grateful for this chance. No matter what comes of it, I am grateful beyond words for even being considered!

I am grateful the Britt's were ok after they hit a deer on their trip to Calgary. I received a text telling me about it while I was at the Matthew Barber concert tonight, and my heart just sank. LEARN TO DRIVE!

I am grateful I got to spend the afternoon with Drew.


Natasha said...

Wow, you got home early. I was sleeping on the highway at 1:14 am. Just a little nap. Only killed three and a half people.

I'm also grateful you got to spend the afternoon with Drew. That's so lovely. Cartoon puffy hearts. But, Dude. If you spend the evening with me and I rub my nipple in public for you, there better be an effin' fourth Daily Gratitude on there.

Natasha said...

Also, if you have to choose between messing up the show or peeing your pants, just let the urine flow. There's no shame. Everyone pees. Mark your territory, girl. Or, if you're feeling really fastidious and prim, a diaper worked well for that limerent astronaut lady who drove to Florida.

Amy said...

Holy Crap!! You were born for it, soon they'll realize that YOU should be the HOST!!!

1. Radio Co-Host
2. Radio Host
3. You'll have so many fans, and because you have the face for it, you'll have your OWN TV SHOW!!!!!

I'm not kidding, I'm envisioning it right now!

Melissa Haavind said...

This is so EXCITING!! Good Luck with the mock show!! I will have to switch radio stations so I can listen to your show.


Percy2626 said...

That is AWESOME Joelle! For some reason I missed a few of your blog posts, so unlike all those people that read yesterday I didn't have to wait for the exciting news! Go Joelle!!! You will rock. Why would you have to tell PG guy? Doesn't he actually read your blog? If not, he needs too!!!! :D

TheRealSlimKatie said...

HA!! I knew it!! I WAS right!!! Congratulations, Joelle!! I'm positive you are perfect for the job and you WILL rock it!! I don't think there's a person alive who wouldn't pee their pants after news like this.... go ahead girl!! lol
I also think you would be a great TV host!! You have that certain flare!! Oh, Girl!! Good things are coming your way! ♥

Natasha said...

See? We're in agreement. Pee away. You pee for us all.

Natasha said...

(I just realised that it could have sounded like I rubbed my (clothed) nipple in public for you because you ASKED me to, or invited such lewd behaviour. Of course you would never do that. Probably. Pretty sure.)