Wednesday, June 22

To lighten the mood from yesterday, today, lets talk about death.

Thank goodness today was sunny. After my day yesterday if the rain had continued I might have lost my marbles. But it wasn't, today it was sunny, and I am thankful for that. The sun lifted my spirits a little and brightened my mood. That and all the music I was sent... so thank you very very much!

While I was driving Seth to school this morning, I passed by a cemetery, and it got me thinking about the dead cat from the weekend, and then I began thinking about when I kick the bucket what I would want on my tombstone...
Fairly random and weird I know, but I wanted you to see my thought process in how I arrived at the topic of todays post and that I'm not just a morbid person.

A while ago I wrote in great detail about my funeral and what I want the day to be like. When I kick the bucket. The only change I would make to my original plans is I will now add The Edge playing at my graveside, and Bono singing all his songs during the meal portion. 

Death is a topic I am fascinated with. I find the different cultural ceremonies and traditions not only entertaining (not in a disrespectful way) but enlightening about the people. So as I was thinking more about the cat, my day etc... It dawned on me I had nothing planned for my epitaph. What would I want written at my final resting place, to allow others who might happen to be walking around the cemetery I am at one afternoon, to have a small idea of the person I had been. Would I have a picture on my stone? My mind has been racing all day (mostly because I had nothing else to do while I was putting Noras clothes away for the 10th time today).

I had to really dig deep. I even looked up some ideas of what others have on their epitaphs, and I found many. Lots I did not understand, but I did find some good ones too. Here are a few top ones I found.

*Disclaimer* I mean no disrespect!

"He never met a stranger."- A tad confusing. Most people I don't know and I meet are in fact strangers until I meet them??

 "Her smile will always be with us."- Creepy, Please leave my smile with the rest of my body and bury it too. 

"She gave of herself."- giggle

 "He knew where he was going."- He picked out and purchased the cemetery plot years ago, he should know.

 "She wore a yellow ribbon."-?? What on earth does this mean. 

"Nobody's perfect."- I love this one!

These two crack me up- "Man of the years." and "The man with a plan." I don't understand either. 

A friend of mine explained to me once that you actually pay per letter, not word, when you do tombstones. So I understand a little more these smaller phrases. But some stones have quotes or phrases on them, clearly more pricey and yet still somewhat confusing. 

"DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE AND CRY,I AM NOT THERE, I DID NOT DIE."- This one is confusing to me, because they are in fact dead or they would not be there? And unless they were not liked very much, people probably cried. 

REMEMBER WHAT PEACE THERE MAY BE IN SILENCE."- I really don't understand this one?

FEW HEARTS WITH KNOWLEDGE SO INFORM’D."- I love spelling cheats and incorrect punctuation on stones. Too much money to do the whole word. 

So with all the possibilities and ideas that I read today, I give you...

The Epitaph of Joelle:

Here lies Joelle. She wore a pretty red necklace, sometimes it was silver, and always had sensational shoes on. Cry a lot for her! Weep openly and often, she was amazing and you should tell everyone about her. She met lots of strangers and then they were no longer strangers (see how that makes more sense?) She was a mother, and wife, and a really great friend. We will remember her smile and eyes, but we did bury them with her, because keeping it would be unhygienic, gross and really smelly. And Joelle did not like bad smelling things. 
She was a sensational cook and was always laughing and her comedic timing was impeccable and always made others laugh too. She was the kind of person who, if you didn't wake up one day, she would dig a hole for you and wrap you in her favorite socks before she covered you in dirt. 
That is the kind of lady Joelle was! How will we ever go on without her?

I would also like 2 oranges placed on my stone (which is red by the way) and along with the etched (carved) pictures of a basketball court, high heel shoes, a bottle of nail polish, music notes, birds, a tractor and a flag, I want this picture mounted in neon lights at the top, beside a gumball machine and an MP3 player built into the stone playing my favorite songs so everyone who visits me can have a treat and listen to tunes. Perfect!  Also, I would like it to have no punctuation so it is one giant run on sentence and a few words spelled wrong, large font and triple spaced...  just to annoy Natasha. 

Tell me how you want to be remembered, and what you would want on your epitaph. 


I am grateful for the sunny day we had today.

Like I already said, I am grateful for the music that was sent, music soothes my soul, and I really needed it yesterday. So thank you very much.  

I am grateful for how well I know myself. 



Maria said...

"Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence." It's the opening line of the poem Desiderata which was written in the 20's or 30's by some Max something or other. It's actually kind of cool. My sister had it hanging in her room when we were kids. How's that for useless information?

Anonymous said...

Fiona says...
As an introvert I re-energize in the peaceful silence and anxiety builds for me within the noise. It's kinda like the saying, remember to stop and smell the roses.
Me thinks today, Joelle, you are being a tad too literal/linear while reading tombstones and need to think in more 'literary' terms or in a more open frame of mind. You are also a tad (I am liking the word 'tad' today, yesterday was bupkes) too young to get the 'yellow ribbon' reference although if you love old movies as I do, you can find its meaning. I LOVE running/jogging through lovely cemetaries, there is such rich history in each one. I do realize one day you are gonna ban me from posting...glad to read that the sun is having a postiive mood altering effect for you as it always does for me! :)

Natasha said...

Mine would say: "Lived and loved to be annoyed by Joelle." ;-) and they will know who I mean because your gravestone will be impossible to be missed... from space.

Anonymous said...

Fiona, I love that you comment on my blog, I hope you always do. In regards to the phrases, I know they all contain deeper meanings. Often from poems, songs or personal statements that were symbolic to the person. I was being a smartass, and in the need of a chuckle.
For the record, I have deeply loved cemeteries since our grade 5 field trip many years ago. Could you please explain the yellow ribbon for me though?

6 Hollow Legs said...

While I not an athiest myself, I do think the epitaph that reads, "Here lies an athiest. All dressed up and nowhere to go." is hilarious!

Mineforever~! said...

U? A smartass? I really can't see it. ;) ~C