Friday, June 24

These big girl panties are not so fun after all.

Today I hiked up my big girl panties yet again and took care of a few things that have needed my attention for a while now. Being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be....

I am really really done with this week. It is Friday now, and all I am going to do is laugh. I might go see the movie Bridesmaids 4 times this weekend and watch every episode of The Office and pull a few pranks. I just need to laugh. So be warned!

In a desperate attempt to see life on the bright side I am going to dig really deep for my gratitudes, because as hard as this week has been for me, it could have been worse, right?


I am grateful I am not pregnant with Twins. (I'm not pregnant at all, but especially grateful not twins)

I am grateful I do not have Ebola, I hear its messy.

I am grateful I do not smell like skunk, rotten pig, or garbage.

I am grateful I was not kicked in the teeth today with steel toed boots.  

I am grateful I do not have explosive diarrhea while in the middle of am Olympic event, or on a bike ride. 

I am grateful I am not being Flogged. 

I am grateful Ethan did not break my computer today...ooh wait never mind, yes he did. 

I am grateful my bedroom is not beside a leaking toilet. 

Wow, I do feel a little better. 

On a serious note, 

I am grateful for Charity who watched Nora today so I could clean my house. Thank you kind lady!

I am grateful to you dear Caylee, that was kind beyond words.

I am grateful for the dinner we had last night. Thank you for the invitation Sam, you always take good care of my family. 


(Fingers crossed I hear something this coming week)

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