Wednesday, June 15

The sure way to my heart

I want to show everyone out in the world the sure way to my heart. Some girls like diamonds, some need cars, trips, some girls need clothes and shopping even. Not me. I am rather easy to please...this is what I love..

Triscuits, seafood dip, and garlic stuffed olives.....sigh...ooh how I love thee. 
And yes, you are correct ones breath does not smell delightful after an indulgence like this, but it doesn't matter. It is worth every second, and every drop of mouth wash required afterwards!

I am going to go put a bigger dent in this Dip Sam brought over and I'm gonna go giggle until I cry. 


I am grateful for the rain, I love rain days.

I am grateful for SAM.

I am grateful for GH and a full tank of gas. 


I will be grateful when this week is over and I hear news that I have been waiting for!!

1 comment:

Mel said...

Nothing better than good food, and good friends, followed by good news. Keeping my fingers crossed for you... you deserve it!