Friday, June 3

My night with Bono and The Edge.

See U2 in concert
 Another thing off my bucket list!

We made it in plenty of time, even though I was a tad stressed; we did not miss one moment of anything. I even had time to get myself a t-shirt before finding my seat to listen to the Fray (who was the opening act).

I really like the Fray.  They have a special spot in my heart. I have liked them for a while, and they did not disappoint... but they are not the reason for the night... they are not on my bucket list.

There was a bit of time after the Fray finished...

....Then the smoke started...

I could see a collection of people moving by a door at the back of the stage; my heart started to pound and I was a little surprised at my reaction.  I know I love U2, but I didn't realize how much. I could feel my senses heighten, I was very aware of my heartbeat. I could hear it in my ears.
My vision was clear and was completely tunnel, I could see Bono and The Edge and my heart started to beat even faster.. my face got flushed and I felt giddy.
I watched as they walked up to the stage, and I could no longer see them clearly anymore as my vision became blurry...

I was crying.

I could not cheer, I was unable to scream, all I could do was cover my mouth and allow my eyes to burn.
I was actually here, Bono and The Edge were right in front of me.

How many times had I listened to the songs they were about to play? How many heartbreaks had been comforted by their music? How many road trips had U2 joined me on, and helped get me to my destination safely because I was singing along?..and now there they are right in front of me, and they are singing to me.

The stage was something you would expect from a movie. I had been listening on the radio all week about how many days it takes to assemble, it was awe inspiring!

The music began and the crowed erupted, everyone was on their feet. I think I only sat two times during slow songs that weren't my favorite, and the second the tempo picked up again I leaped back up clapping and cheering, ready for another round.

When they played Beautiful Day (one of my favorite U2 songs) I found my eyes blurry again. I cried at the reality of the moment. It was amazing! I was actually here!

Song, after song, after song, as they changed positions and moved all around this colossal structure, their music enveloped me and as it lifted my soul and the melody reached out and intertwined with my fingers I could almost feel my back arching. Sometimes they were slow, soft and beautiful then at other times the pace picked up and it was raw, gritty and perfect. It was everything I imagined a night like this would be.
I sang along to everything, danced myself silly and my feet sore, and screamed when they played Vertigo!

Then when I could almost not take anymore, With or Without You closed the evening. The perfect ending! Like the gentlemen they are, they bid us farewell and the evening was over.

It was euphoric! I have only experienced something like this one other time in my life... I fell back into my seat, exhausted and completely satiated! I think this is when others would light a cigarette... so I have heard.

They are larger than life, they are gifted entertainers, and I am a better person for having had this experience.

When the night was over I had an opportunity to sit with Sam and watch thousands of people file out of the building, and what was so amazing to me was how vast and diverse the crowd was. Young and old alike have enjoyed this music. Some for all their lives, some just found it a while ago.
It was inspiring to see what can happen when you have something to say, and people like what you are saying.

It was such a wonderful night, not one I will soon forget!


I am grateful for my friends who got to experience this dream of mine with me! I think dreams are important, but are so much more fun when they are shared with people that you love (as always, thanks Britts)!

This is Mel!! Hi Mel !! She was there too, that's her almost falling over the edge!!

I am grateful for the summer I have that is loaded with concert's. It's gonna be a wonderful summer!

I am grateful for my dear in-laws who watched our kids. Thank you!!! We did not get home and in bed until 2 am, so I know this was a huge sacrifice for you guys. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am grateful for the universe and its tender mercies. Dreaming matters! Make a Bucket list!!



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