Saturday, June 25

My night of pure magic!

When Drew finally arrived home at 7 pm Friday night and took the kids to his parents house for a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, leaving me home for some well deserved (If I do say so myself) time off from the mom gig.  I just collapsed into the chair in the living room when everyone was gone. This week was finally over... and I am so happy for that. 

After a few deep breaths I texted Mel to say I was ready to get out for the night, we planned on going and seeing Brindmaids for our fun filled night of laughs. 
We went and had something to eat first then headed to the movie theater. When we arrived there was a big sign on the door saying the movie we wanted to see was sold out. Of course it would be, the one night I need a laugh. So we got back into the car and looked at each other. 

I turned on the radio and heard Fitzy (one of the hosts for NOW) and it dawned on me...lets go visit the radio station! Fitzy was working (he was really really nice to me the days I was there) he might like a visit on a Friday night.
Mel said, sure, she would love to see where the station was anyway. So off we went. 
I had really no idea how it would turn out, I could never have imagined actually!

When we got to the station I texted Fitzy that we were here, and a guy came out to greet us named Mike. He let us go in. It was so fun to meet new people and laugh. We had been there about 30 minutes when Fitzy said to the group of us" I need to give away $100 what should we do"? 
I said, we should play a clip of a song and have callers sing the rest of the song. We should do this lost lyric game to Ice Ice Baby. 
Everyone loved it! So Ftzy went back into the studio and introduced the game, and then our night took a huge turn. Soon after that Fitzy came out to where we all were and said come in and listen. We all went in to listen to callers rap to Vanilla Ice. 

Then out of total nowhere Fitzy says, Joelle throw on the headphones and you be the judge...
And I continued on the radio with him until midnight. It was so fun. We laughed, and joked. We talked about music, and danced. I had the time of my life. Mel seemed to have a pretty good time too. I was on the radio again, and I was loving it!
I even dedicated a song. It was great;)

My face hurts from how much I laughed. I will post the clips tomorrow, Sam recorded it for me (I texted her quickly to tell her to listen) 

After we played a quick game of soccer. Mel and Fitzy won!!

Sigh..what a great night. Mission accomplished! I laughed and laughed and for a few hours felt like myself again after this long week. No stress, no heartache, no worry. It was the me I have been missing these last 7 days. 


I am grateful for small moments like these. I could seriously just cry after this week. But then out of nowhere this little ray of sunshine brightens my spirits, and lifts all the weight off my shoulders for a few hours. 

I am grateful for how healing music and laughter is for me. Thanks Mel! 

I am grateful for Fitzy tonight, he was so kind to me. 

I am grateful for engineer Mike (who wrote out on toilet paper) the 7 words one NEVER says on air. So now I know!

I am grateful for how many people texted in while we were playing the game, they seemed to have really enjoyed it. 

What a fun night! I am pooped!


Mel said...

Oh I had more than a good time! It was SO fun! I did not imagine our night would end up so fantastic! Way better than a movie (although Bridesmaids is super funny).

My face still hurts from smiling and laughing so much! It was wonderful!!

It was a great night... (and yes I have a bruise Fitzy! lol)


Anonymous said...

And you hung up on me!!! JEEZ!

J said...

For the record, I did not cut the line Jordy, Fitzy did;)

Mel said...

Yup I can back J up with that.. Fitzy was having way too much fun hanging up on people that night... You were not the only one that got hung up on lol