Monday, June 27

Music Monday for the last little stretch!

3 More days left of school! YAHOOOO!

For me that means only 12 more hours of driving!!!! I could not be more excited. Even if I had the worlds worst yeast infection and you told me there was a two for one sale on Monistate 7 could I be more excited then I am right now!

Saturday night I went out for dinner with the Brits. We went to an Italian restaurant (Sicilian Pasta Kitchen on Jasper Ave) and they ordered everything (so it was a surprise to me when it came to the table) It was like Christmas, only with food! It is an exciting way to eat a meal. 

Sadly, as with most food pictures, it does the food no justice. But let me tell you this place was sensational! I will be going many, many more times!!! 
Food and music, such a perfect combination.

This music Monday is a mix of a few songs my dearest friends sent last week for me and a few things to get you through the week, so enjoy.

Gimmie Sympothy-Metric (Thanks Amy)

Life is Beautiful-Vega 4 (Thanks Tasha)

Heartbeats-Jose Gonzalez (Thanks Sam)
This is possibly the most beautiful video I have EVER seen before. It was a commercial. Stunning!!

Black Keys-Howlin' for you

Steppenwolf-Born to be wild (Thanks Drew)


I am grateful for the phone call I received Saturday morning from "The Boss" saying things are still a go with this little journey I have been on.... squeal!!!! I have been waiting all week to hear something and I did!!!!!

I am grateful for these last 3 days! 

I am grateful for happiness.



TheRealSlimKatie said...

I never cease to be impressed with your Music choices.... I know this time they were suggested to you, but otherwise, how do you choose what you'll play on Music Monday?! There's always one I needed to hear!! ♥

Amy said...

Yeah, thanks for posting one of my songs!!! :)
All the food looks so amazing too!

Natasha said...

Phewf! I'm so relieved. I can't believe you didn't mention this while we were on the phone. I've been worried that it wasn't a go.

That is a totally bizarre photo of you. You're much better looking in real life.