Monday, June 6

Music Monday and tractors - A perfect combination

This past weekend in our little town, there was a Farmers day parade. I actually have no idea why we have this parade, but it's fun for the kids, and I actually like them too.

In the USA the parades are a different level of awesome than in Canada. We are a humble town so our floats and decorated trucks mirror that.

Here are a few of the highlights from our little town and farming comunity.

As most parades do, ours started with bagpipes. I LOVE BAGPIPES...and even more then I love bagpipes, I LOVE BAGPIPERS!!! I do not think there is anything hotter then a huge muscle bound confidant man in a kilt.. sigh.
The Edmonton police service sent out their pipers for our parade, Thank you EPS, Thank you, very very much. You made my cold and tired morning.

A tractor float! How original in a Farmer's day parade.

Ethan and the kids loving the parade! And collecting a bit of candy too.  We've learned that you go to the beginning of the parade route - that guarantees the most candy - later on down the route they usually run out of candy.

Another tractor!

A stagecoach with horses. 

Me loving the tractor scenery!

Gasp! Yet another tractor!

What is this? Another tractor?

OH! A red tractor this time!

And to finish off most parades in Alberta, the fire truck and ambulance tend to be at the end.  And  (although you can't see him in this picture) Fire Guy (one of my readers) was in the back of this fire truck! Hi Fire Guy! How are you liking the mug you won? Oh yeah you don't know... I haven't dropped it off yet! I'm bringing it over tomorrow!

So for music this week I have a few good picks to help with sweeping and laundry, or world travel and making millions...whatever your plans are for the week!

LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem

Double click people!

Andy Grammer-Keep Your Head Up

Semi Charmed Life

Better Than Ezra-Good


I am grateful that there are only two more weeks left of school.

I am grateful Natasha didn't throw away the tie.

I am grateful for these flowers that Nora gave me today. I love that young children find dandelions beautiful.  I think they are beautiful too.


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FireGuy said...

HA! I do know I have not got it yet, but that is OK, I also know you are a very busy person.