Saturday, June 11

I'll take the two blisters with a side order of parking tickets.

My friend Natasha sent me an e-mail a while ago asking if I was busy on June 8th, she said she had picked up a few tickets to go see a singer she liked who was going to be in Edmonton.

I am always game to listen to live music, so the date was set. Wednesday came and off we went to go see Matthew Barber and what a great night it was.

These were two of my favorite songs that he played that night.

Matthew Barber-Easily Bruised

Matthew Barber-And You Give

Good Canadian music!

The night was fantastic aside from my $50 parking ticket and my two blisters on my feet from my red shoes. But other then that is was amazing!



I am grateful for the rain tonight, and how it makes everything smell clean and fresh again.

I am grateful for rainbows. I am 32 and they still amaze me with their simple beauty.

I am grateful for a good visit first thing in the morning.

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