Sunday, June 19

Happy Fathers Day... Did I forget to mention?

Dear Dad,

On this special day of Fathers Day, I have been thinking about you a lot. I feel enough time has passed and I am old enough now that it is time I come clean about a few things that happened many years ago. That way, on  your special day, you can forgive me my wrongs, and you can feel so much better about everything.
See how thoughtful I am! I want you to have a great day and feel good about everything.

So with that...

Remember that solid wood statue you and mom got for your wedding (23 years ago this weekend; Happy Anniversary by the way)...
The wood statue of the bird, the one that has the broken beak. The broken beak that I had no idea about... ya that is not entirely true. One day Dawson and I were horsing around and knocked it over and broke it off. We have been trying for years to glue it back on. I know we blamed it on the dog knocking it over, but it was us, sorry.

Sigh... Doesn't that feel a little better?

While we are clearing the air, remember the hole in my old bedroom door? The one I said happened because I "tripped" walking down the hall. Ya, I actually kicked that hole in the door one day when Dawson and I were fighting. I know you are shocked! I know it is almost impossible for you to imagine me ever doing something like that, with my even keel and calm disposition all the time. But alas, it is true, it was me. Sorry.

You must be feeling really great now....

Remember the time you found the damage to the side of the garage door, and no one had any idea what that was from. Well, that summer you left me home when you all went away for vacation I was backing out of the garage with the lancer and I turned too early and hit the side of the garage and pushed it out pretty bad. But just so you know I was super responsible, I called my friends immediately and they came over and we all pushed it back into place. Then I took a black sharpie marker and coloured in the spots on the car that the paint was missing so you could not even tell. I attribute my clever and quick problem solving skills to your years of tutelage.

WOW, you must be feeling so light and clear...

Last one, so you can have the rest of your special day to enjoy how good and clear headed you must be feeling now. Remember that time on my 16th birthday when you were wondering what happened to the 6 pack in the fridge, I might have had something to do with its disappearance. But I was responsible and crawled back into the house through the window before 4 am and I was super safe. Just like you taught me.
The money jar you kept by your bed with all your change, maybe I know where your money kept going.
Also, that picture in my old room I never took with me when I moved, and you keep asking if I want every time I come visit and I say "no, it looks better there" is actually because there is tiny, tiny hole behind it that was also from Dawson and I fighting.

Sigh..... I am so glad we had this little chat.

Of course I accept your forgiveness, you are such a great man.
Dad, why is your face red? And why are you not talking? ... giggle

Happy Fathers Day!! I love you!



I am grateful for the rain. I hope it's everything the farmers need. I sure love how green my lawn is getting with all the moisture.

I am grateful for the text I got from my dad Saturday morning telling me how much he loves me.

I am grateful for father son camp. Nora and I had a great night, just us girls.


Anonymous said...

Fiona Says:
I think everyone may have had a turn at 'breaking the beak'... at least I know that while there with the "Posse" playing cards one late evening, Kent knocked it over and broke off the beak. There was definitely a moment of silence but thankfully the mood remained 'festive'!
I hope my daughter waits as long as you for her childhood/teenage confessions. I also hope our hearts are in good condition! haha

Natasha said...

LOL. Fantastic post. Really glad you were not my kid, you little hellion.

J said...

Never mind dad, It was Kent!


TheRealSlimKatie said...

OMGoodness, Joelle!! You are such a hoot!! I got caught for EVERYTHING, so I have no confessions for my Parents! lol You are so funny!! ♥