Wednesday, June 1

A day with horses

I grew up with parents that loved horses. My mom was an English riding instructor, and my father was a cowboy. Both of my step-parents liked horses too. 
We always had horses in our lives somehow. Dawson and I grew up with 3-4  horses and I think for the most part we both really enjoyed them. 
We spent hours riding in the field at the end of our street. Playing tag on horseback in a field of hay bales. Horses were just a part of who we were. 

I remember when we were young going and watching show jumping at Spruce Meadows (in Calgary) and I have always found watching show jumping very relaxing. 
I am not sure exactly what it is about the sport, but to me it's like taking a tranquilizer. 
I could sit for hours and hours and watch it.
So this past weekend when I saw there was a show jumping competition at the Equine center in Edmonton, I was anxious to go watch. 

I packed up Gabe. Sam and the girls came with us, and we spent the afternoon with the horses. 

Who would not love watching this all day?...Ooh ya, Ill tell you who. The unimpressed little girl sitting between us. 

It was such a beautiful and serene afternoon. I could have stayed the entire time. 


I am grateful for dear friends. I sent the day chatting with a dear friend who I love deeply. I am so thankful for feeling understood and not alone. 

I am grateful for A&W tonight. I needed a grease soaked burger with onion rings. It was marvelous!

I am grateful for a clean house.


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