Wednesday, June 29

Another year down, only 20 more to go!

Today is the boys last day of school! I am so excited for them to have time off, to just be kids. 
I loved summers. 

Congratulations to my children for the huge accomplishment that another year of education...BLAH BLAH BLAH! 

Wanna know who the real hero is this year. ME! Shared by Drew, with a twinge of Grandma and Grandpa. 
But for the most part ME! Yay me. (and Drew) but mostly me for driving Seth to school everyday through some of the most horrible weather, bumper to bumper traffic, through construction, colds, bad moods, NORA, Noras bad moods, heat, full bladders or hungry tummy's.  And not once did I get a speeding ticket or get into an accident! Neither did I at anytime get out of my truck to express any form of road rage, nor did I hit any animals. 

Only a handful of times did I wear my PJ's to drive Seth and I do only mean a handful. I almost always was close to getting him there on time. And only once, only one time did I forget to pick him up. 

Not bad at all! 
I am so proud of myself I will not be getting out of bed until 10 am Thursday morning!

I. am. Awesome!


When I went into my bedroom to move Nora to her own bed tonight this is how I found her. 

All of my makeup was in bed with her (and all over my sheets). Obviously she was doing a little mono brow touch up before bed. Her father taught her well. (I am grateful she makes me smile)

I am grateful I was able to help put together the trampoline for the Brits. 

Yup, it is that short...
The bigger legs are coming. 

I am grateful for this little thing...Sam made me hold him and now I like him...
not sure yet if he might become a resident of this home. We'll see. 



Mel said...

Yay! last day of driving... You did good mamma! You deserve a kitten ;)

Natasha said...

Seriously, you were amazing. Well done, mama. You deserve a trip to Vancouver to visit me. Let's go apartment hunting together.

Anonymous said...

I'm not as good, apparently. I DID get a speeding ticket. Just one though.


TheRealSlimKatie said...

This post made me giggle... I love that Nora is so ... um... entertaining!! lol I can't wait for Nola to get a bit older! (Then again... maybe I can!!) ♥ I think you've earned that kitten, Joelle!! (^_^)