Thursday, June 30

First day of summer

Sorry, I'm sleeping in. I am taking the day off. I'll return tomorrow. I have 9 children sleeping at my house last night, so I need a moment.



I am grateful I never have to make that drive again.

I am grateful for how happy and fun my children are.

I am grateful for good friends and fantastic food.

Wednesday, June 29

Another year down, only 20 more to go!

Today is the boys last day of school! I am so excited for them to have time off, to just be kids. 
I loved summers. 

Congratulations to my children for the huge accomplishment that another year of education...BLAH BLAH BLAH! 

Wanna know who the real hero is this year. ME! Shared by Drew, with a twinge of Grandma and Grandpa. 
But for the most part ME! Yay me. (and Drew) but mostly me for driving Seth to school everyday through some of the most horrible weather, bumper to bumper traffic, through construction, colds, bad moods, NORA, Noras bad moods, heat, full bladders or hungry tummy's.  And not once did I get a speeding ticket or get into an accident! Neither did I at anytime get out of my truck to express any form of road rage, nor did I hit any animals. 

Only a handful of times did I wear my PJ's to drive Seth and I do only mean a handful. I almost always was close to getting him there on time. And only once, only one time did I forget to pick him up. 

Not bad at all! 
I am so proud of myself I will not be getting out of bed until 10 am Thursday morning!

I. am. Awesome!


When I went into my bedroom to move Nora to her own bed tonight this is how I found her. 

All of my makeup was in bed with her (and all over my sheets). Obviously she was doing a little mono brow touch up before bed. Her father taught her well. (I am grateful she makes me smile)

I am grateful I was able to help put together the trampoline for the Brits. 

Yup, it is that short...
The bigger legs are coming. 

I am grateful for this little thing...Sam made me hold him and now I like him...
not sure yet if he might become a resident of this home. We'll see. 


Monday, June 27

Music Monday for the last little stretch!

3 More days left of school! YAHOOOO!

For me that means only 12 more hours of driving!!!! I could not be more excited. Even if I had the worlds worst yeast infection and you told me there was a two for one sale on Monistate 7 could I be more excited then I am right now!

Saturday night I went out for dinner with the Brits. We went to an Italian restaurant (Sicilian Pasta Kitchen on Jasper Ave) and they ordered everything (so it was a surprise to me when it came to the table) It was like Christmas, only with food! It is an exciting way to eat a meal. 

Sadly, as with most food pictures, it does the food no justice. But let me tell you this place was sensational! I will be going many, many more times!!! 
Food and music, such a perfect combination.

This music Monday is a mix of a few songs my dearest friends sent last week for me and a few things to get you through the week, so enjoy.

Gimmie Sympothy-Metric (Thanks Amy)

Life is Beautiful-Vega 4 (Thanks Tasha)

Heartbeats-Jose Gonzalez (Thanks Sam)
This is possibly the most beautiful video I have EVER seen before. It was a commercial. Stunning!!

Black Keys-Howlin' for you

Steppenwolf-Born to be wild (Thanks Drew)


I am grateful for the phone call I received Saturday morning from "The Boss" saying things are still a go with this little journey I have been on.... squeal!!!! I have been waiting all week to hear something and I did!!!!!

I am grateful for these last 3 days! 

I am grateful for happiness.


Sunday, June 26

Like I promised!

This was my Friday night with Fitzy, it's a little mixed up, not really in order, but you get the idea.

I had fun!


Saturday, June 25

My night of pure magic!

When Drew finally arrived home at 7 pm Friday night and took the kids to his parents house for a fun weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, leaving me home for some well deserved (If I do say so myself) time off from the mom gig.  I just collapsed into the chair in the living room when everyone was gone. This week was finally over... and I am so happy for that. 

After a few deep breaths I texted Mel to say I was ready to get out for the night, we planned on going and seeing Brindmaids for our fun filled night of laughs. 
We went and had something to eat first then headed to the movie theater. When we arrived there was a big sign on the door saying the movie we wanted to see was sold out. Of course it would be, the one night I need a laugh. So we got back into the car and looked at each other. 

I turned on the radio and heard Fitzy (one of the hosts for NOW) and it dawned on me...lets go visit the radio station! Fitzy was working (he was really really nice to me the days I was there) he might like a visit on a Friday night.
Mel said, sure, she would love to see where the station was anyway. So off we went. 
I had really no idea how it would turn out, I could never have imagined actually!

When we got to the station I texted Fitzy that we were here, and a guy came out to greet us named Mike. He let us go in. It was so fun to meet new people and laugh. We had been there about 30 minutes when Fitzy said to the group of us" I need to give away $100 what should we do"? 
I said, we should play a clip of a song and have callers sing the rest of the song. We should do this lost lyric game to Ice Ice Baby. 
Everyone loved it! So Ftzy went back into the studio and introduced the game, and then our night took a huge turn. Soon after that Fitzy came out to where we all were and said come in and listen. We all went in to listen to callers rap to Vanilla Ice. 

Then out of total nowhere Fitzy says, Joelle throw on the headphones and you be the judge...
And I continued on the radio with him until midnight. It was so fun. We laughed, and joked. We talked about music, and danced. I had the time of my life. Mel seemed to have a pretty good time too. I was on the radio again, and I was loving it!
I even dedicated a song. It was great;)

My face hurts from how much I laughed. I will post the clips tomorrow, Sam recorded it for me (I texted her quickly to tell her to listen) 

After we played a quick game of soccer. Mel and Fitzy won!!

Sigh..what a great night. Mission accomplished! I laughed and laughed and for a few hours felt like myself again after this long week. No stress, no heartache, no worry. It was the me I have been missing these last 7 days. 


I am grateful for small moments like these. I could seriously just cry after this week. But then out of nowhere this little ray of sunshine brightens my spirits, and lifts all the weight off my shoulders for a few hours. 

I am grateful for how healing music and laughter is for me. Thanks Mel! 

I am grateful for Fitzy tonight, he was so kind to me. 

I am grateful for engineer Mike (who wrote out on toilet paper) the 7 words one NEVER says on air. So now I know!

I am grateful for how many people texted in while we were playing the game, they seemed to have really enjoyed it. 

What a fun night! I am pooped!

Friday, June 24

These big girl panties are not so fun after all.

Today I hiked up my big girl panties yet again and took care of a few things that have needed my attention for a while now. Being a grown up is not all it's cracked up to be....

I am really really done with this week. It is Friday now, and all I am going to do is laugh. I might go see the movie Bridesmaids 4 times this weekend and watch every episode of The Office and pull a few pranks. I just need to laugh. So be warned!

In a desperate attempt to see life on the bright side I am going to dig really deep for my gratitudes, because as hard as this week has been for me, it could have been worse, right?


I am grateful I am not pregnant with Twins. (I'm not pregnant at all, but especially grateful not twins)

I am grateful I do not have Ebola, I hear its messy.

I am grateful I do not smell like skunk, rotten pig, or garbage.

I am grateful I was not kicked in the teeth today with steel toed boots.  

I am grateful I do not have explosive diarrhea while in the middle of am Olympic event, or on a bike ride. 

I am grateful I am not being Flogged. 

I am grateful Ethan did not break my computer today...ooh wait never mind, yes he did. 

I am grateful my bedroom is not beside a leaking toilet. 

Wow, I do feel a little better. 

On a serious note, 

I am grateful for Charity who watched Nora today so I could clean my house. Thank you kind lady!

I am grateful to you dear Caylee, that was kind beyond words.

I am grateful for the dinner we had last night. Thank you for the invitation Sam, you always take good care of my family. 


(Fingers crossed I hear something this coming week)

Thursday, June 23

What a glorious day outside!

This afternoon Nora and I went and got a Slurpee and sat on the school grounds of Seths school for a few hours waiting for his classes to end. What a Marvelous day it was. The sun was bright and hot, there was not a cloud in the sky. I laid in the grass and listened to music on my phone and for a few brief moments, I forgot all my troubles and worries.  All the stress of the last few days had disappeared and all I felt was calm. 

I love moments like these. 


I am grateful for Noras smile. Her laughter brightens even my darkest days. 

I am grateful for the new pair of Argyle socks I got as a gift tonight (because of the cat)

I am grateful for my healthy body. Thanks PG, I miss you. I'll come see you soon! 


Wednesday, June 22

To lighten the mood from yesterday, today, lets talk about death.

Thank goodness today was sunny. After my day yesterday if the rain had continued I might have lost my marbles. But it wasn't, today it was sunny, and I am thankful for that. The sun lifted my spirits a little and brightened my mood. That and all the music I was sent... so thank you very very much!

While I was driving Seth to school this morning, I passed by a cemetery, and it got me thinking about the dead cat from the weekend, and then I began thinking about when I kick the bucket what I would want on my tombstone...
Fairly random and weird I know, but I wanted you to see my thought process in how I arrived at the topic of todays post and that I'm not just a morbid person.

A while ago I wrote in great detail about my funeral and what I want the day to be like. When I kick the bucket. The only change I would make to my original plans is I will now add The Edge playing at my graveside, and Bono singing all his songs during the meal portion. 

Death is a topic I am fascinated with. I find the different cultural ceremonies and traditions not only entertaining (not in a disrespectful way) but enlightening about the people. So as I was thinking more about the cat, my day etc... It dawned on me I had nothing planned for my epitaph. What would I want written at my final resting place, to allow others who might happen to be walking around the cemetery I am at one afternoon, to have a small idea of the person I had been. Would I have a picture on my stone? My mind has been racing all day (mostly because I had nothing else to do while I was putting Noras clothes away for the 10th time today).

I had to really dig deep. I even looked up some ideas of what others have on their epitaphs, and I found many. Lots I did not understand, but I did find some good ones too. Here are a few top ones I found.

*Disclaimer* I mean no disrespect!

"He never met a stranger."- A tad confusing. Most people I don't know and I meet are in fact strangers until I meet them??

 "Her smile will always be with us."- Creepy, Please leave my smile with the rest of my body and bury it too. 

"She gave of herself."- giggle

 "He knew where he was going."- He picked out and purchased the cemetery plot years ago, he should know.

 "She wore a yellow ribbon."-?? What on earth does this mean. 

"Nobody's perfect."- I love this one!

These two crack me up- "Man of the years." and "The man with a plan." I don't understand either. 

A friend of mine explained to me once that you actually pay per letter, not word, when you do tombstones. So I understand a little more these smaller phrases. But some stones have quotes or phrases on them, clearly more pricey and yet still somewhat confusing. 

"DO NOT STAND AT MY GRAVE AND CRY,I AM NOT THERE, I DID NOT DIE."- This one is confusing to me, because they are in fact dead or they would not be there? And unless they were not liked very much, people probably cried. 

REMEMBER WHAT PEACE THERE MAY BE IN SILENCE."- I really don't understand this one?

FEW HEARTS WITH KNOWLEDGE SO INFORM’D."- I love spelling cheats and incorrect punctuation on stones. Too much money to do the whole word. 

So with all the possibilities and ideas that I read today, I give you...

The Epitaph of Joelle:

Here lies Joelle. She wore a pretty red necklace, sometimes it was silver, and always had sensational shoes on. Cry a lot for her! Weep openly and often, she was amazing and you should tell everyone about her. She met lots of strangers and then they were no longer strangers (see how that makes more sense?) She was a mother, and wife, and a really great friend. We will remember her smile and eyes, but we did bury them with her, because keeping it would be unhygienic, gross and really smelly. And Joelle did not like bad smelling things. 
She was a sensational cook and was always laughing and her comedic timing was impeccable and always made others laugh too. She was the kind of person who, if you didn't wake up one day, she would dig a hole for you and wrap you in her favorite socks before she covered you in dirt. 
That is the kind of lady Joelle was! How will we ever go on without her?

I would also like 2 oranges placed on my stone (which is red by the way) and along with the etched (carved) pictures of a basketball court, high heel shoes, a bottle of nail polish, music notes, birds, a tractor and a flag, I want this picture mounted in neon lights at the top, beside a gumball machine and an MP3 player built into the stone playing my favorite songs so everyone who visits me can have a treat and listen to tunes. Perfect!  Also, I would like it to have no punctuation so it is one giant run on sentence and a few words spelled wrong, large font and triple spaced...  just to annoy Natasha. 

Tell me how you want to be remembered, and what you would want on your epitaph. 


I am grateful for the sunny day we had today.

Like I already said, I am grateful for the music that was sent, music soothes my soul, and I really needed it yesterday. So thank you very much.  

I am grateful for how well I know myself. 


Tuesday, June 21

What a horrible,very bad day!!

Today was awful. Absolutely awful. 

I am glad the day is over, and tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. 

I could really use new song ideas, please send me what your favorite is right now. As a personal favor. 


I am glad it's bed time.


Monday, June 20

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to bury a cat I go!

This weekend I buried a dead baby cat. I did other things this weekend, but this one thing I have chosen to talk about on this music Monday.
The mommy cat had 4 babies, and two died. I have no idea what happened to the one baby that passed, but when I was there, I decided I was going to take the other out back, with a shovel and put it somewhere nice.

I felt like it was the least I could do. The way I figure it, is if I happened to not wake up one morning, and my friends noticed I was cold and as stiff as a board, I would want them to do something with me. I would be okay with them calling in enforcement to help (I don't think they would be good with just a shovel and the back 40, but as long as they did SOMETHING right?)

So I hiked up my jeans and me, a shovel, the cat and a pair of croc's went hiking through some soaking wet land to find a good resting place for one of Gods creatures. I walked a fair distance considering how wet and muddy it was and when I found a nice little clearing among a few trees, I set everything down lovingly and began to dig.
When I finished the hole I realized I did not bring anything nice to wrap it in. Like a cloth, or box. The only thing I had on me that I could offer this poor little thing was my favorite pair of argyle socks.
I squatted down, took off my wonderfully plush and warm socks, wrapped this little thing in them and placed it in the ground. I covered it up and made sure it was well hidden.
As I walked back to the house my feet were freezing and wet, but my heart was warm.

With that, I have picked a few songs that a friend of mine shared with me the other night. Her and I were on the phone late listening to music on YouTube, and like always I want to share them with others.

Just Jack -The Day I Died

The Weepies- World Spins Madly On

Lily Allen-Smile

Seabear- I Sing I Swim


I am grateful for this beautiful week of possibilities ahead of me. 

I am grateful one more week left until I no longer have to drive 4 hours a day for Seth to go to school!!!!

I am grateful for bed time. 


Sunday, June 19

Happy Fathers Day... Did I forget to mention?

Dear Dad,

On this special day of Fathers Day, I have been thinking about you a lot. I feel enough time has passed and I am old enough now that it is time I come clean about a few things that happened many years ago. That way, on  your special day, you can forgive me my wrongs, and you can feel so much better about everything.
See how thoughtful I am! I want you to have a great day and feel good about everything.

So with that...

Remember that solid wood statue you and mom got for your wedding (23 years ago this weekend; Happy Anniversary by the way)...
The wood statue of the bird, the one that has the broken beak. The broken beak that I had no idea about... ya that is not entirely true. One day Dawson and I were horsing around and knocked it over and broke it off. We have been trying for years to glue it back on. I know we blamed it on the dog knocking it over, but it was us, sorry.

Sigh... Doesn't that feel a little better?

While we are clearing the air, remember the hole in my old bedroom door? The one I said happened because I "tripped" walking down the hall. Ya, I actually kicked that hole in the door one day when Dawson and I were fighting. I know you are shocked! I know it is almost impossible for you to imagine me ever doing something like that, with my even keel and calm disposition all the time. But alas, it is true, it was me. Sorry.

You must be feeling really great now....

Remember the time you found the damage to the side of the garage door, and no one had any idea what that was from. Well, that summer you left me home when you all went away for vacation I was backing out of the garage with the lancer and I turned too early and hit the side of the garage and pushed it out pretty bad. But just so you know I was super responsible, I called my friends immediately and they came over and we all pushed it back into place. Then I took a black sharpie marker and coloured in the spots on the car that the paint was missing so you could not even tell. I attribute my clever and quick problem solving skills to your years of tutelage.

WOW, you must be feeling so light and clear...

Last one, so you can have the rest of your special day to enjoy how good and clear headed you must be feeling now. Remember that time on my 16th birthday when you were wondering what happened to the 6 pack in the fridge, I might have had something to do with its disappearance. But I was responsible and crawled back into the house through the window before 4 am and I was super safe. Just like you taught me.
The money jar you kept by your bed with all your change, maybe I know where your money kept going.
Also, that picture in my old room I never took with me when I moved, and you keep asking if I want every time I come visit and I say "no, it looks better there" is actually because there is tiny, tiny hole behind it that was also from Dawson and I fighting.

Sigh..... I am so glad we had this little chat.

Of course I accept your forgiveness, you are such a great man.
Dad, why is your face red? And why are you not talking? ... giggle

Happy Fathers Day!! I love you!



I am grateful for the rain. I hope it's everything the farmers need. I sure love how green my lawn is getting with all the moisture.

I am grateful for the text I got from my dad Saturday morning telling me how much he loves me.

I am grateful for father son camp. Nora and I had a great night, just us girls.

Friday, June 17

Natasha interviews The Joelle

Hi. This is Natasha. From the famous but now extinct (possibly temporarily extinct, I'm convening a panel for opinions) blog Becoming Something.

So, I'm going to interview Joelle for fun. I'm sleeping over tonight after a really bad day (hey, can we make this about me for about thirty minutes? I need some group therapy) and I'm going to throw out some questions that come to my mind. I've known Jo for... mmm... thirteen years? Back when she had curly hair. But the following things, I don't know, even though we've slept together five and a half times. Maybe. I won't say. So, while she packs up awful mint chocolate chip cookies for some family camping thing or something (who in the world likes mint chocolate chip cookies?!), I am going to write some questions down and she will come answer them. And I won't triple space like she does in between her paragraphs. That drives me CRAZY. Shhh. Just between you and me. Also? BRITS. No apostrophe.

Joelle: First, we have never slept together! You could only be so lucky. 

(Tonight's the night! Shhhh.)

Natasha: So, what is the longest you've gone without a shower?

Joelle:  Hmm, I think about four days. I didn't even really need a shower by then; I only did it because the collection of flies were getting annoying while we were camping. But I didn't NEED one.

Natasha: What celebrity would you look like if you could doppelganger yourself into someone else?

Joelle: I would want to look like Sandra Bullock, but I think I might semi-resemble Pink more (mostly in attitude and hair).

Natasha: Did you or did you not ever have a crush on Vanilla Ice?

Joelle: Did, and I can sing the entire song of Ice Ice Baby, and do the dance. And I would challenge anyone to a rap off!

Natasha: Dude. It's on. You know more of the song, but I can do the dance, too. Morning. Afterglow. It's on.

Besides zucchini (obviously), what is your favorite vegetable?

Joelle: Obviously zucchini, but in a pinch? Carrots.

Natasha: Where did you get the purple orchids beside the computer?

Joelle: English Sam, because I helped pack up and move her entire house. It was her thank you. Everyone else that helped got cookies (which I baked for them,) so she felt I should get something else.

Natasha: Did you ever wear Hammer pants?

Joelle: NO! But there is a store in West Edmonton Mall that still sells them. 

Natasha: Who was your favorite New Kid on the Block? (I'm totally going to guess Donny or Joey.)

Joelle: I liked Joey. Did I mention that I have tickets to go see them in a few weeks when they come to Edmonton?!

Natasha: NO. I can't believe that escaped your mention. Invite me! I never got to go as a kid because I was too poor. Jordan Knight was my future husband.

Have you ever been electrocuted? And did you kinda like it?

Joelle: Does licking the top of a  9-volt battery count? If so, then yes. And my brother and I used to play with the electric fence where our horses were.  We were idiots.

Natasha: Do you have Mac envy?

Joelle: No. Should I?...How much longer is this interview?

Natasha: Oh, you LOVE it and yes, you should. Best relationship I ever had.

Have you ever peed standing up?

Joelle: Yes. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Natasha: What's the worst supplementary toilet paper you've ever used?

Joelle: A towel. I was driving home with my boyfriend and, well... all I had was the towel I had from swimming. So, I tore a piece off and headed for the field. 

Natasha: When did you first develop such a love of laundry? And stain removal? What about it pleases you so much? It's a control issue, isn't it? You have fantasies of world domination, don't you? It's already beginning, isn't it?

Joelle: I love laundry; it is true. I hate it when you get a piece of clothing that is really beautiful and destroy it by not taking care of it. I think everyone should hire me to do their laundry. It's relaxing for me.

Natasha: What did you want to name your children when you were a little kid?

Joelle: Isabon. It was from the movie Lady Hawk. True story.

Natasha: If you WERE a lady of the night, occasionally found on a corner... somewhere... with tall vinyl boots... what would you charge me? Just basic run-of-the-mill BDSM.

Joelle: WHAT??? My kids will read this one day... That said, my fee would be money well spent.

Natasha: (I love how she feigns indignation. LOL. She's the one who offered "lady of the night".)

How old were you when you got your ears pierced? (I know the answer, but readers might find this interesting.)

Joelle: Twenty-eight. I actually got them done when I was younger, but they grew over, so I got them done last year when I turned twenty-eight.... Ya... last year.

Natasha:  What are your top five favourite scents?

Joelle: New pairs of leather shoes, Anthropologie (the store), rain, popcorn, the perfume you gave me, men's cologne (some, not all), clean laundry, perm solution, basketball courts, and basketballs....

Natasha:  Have you ever sewn a garment? Like, from scratch?

Joelle: Ya, I did in grade four. It was a top made of lace and when I brought it to school to display for our talent show, my teacher told me it was crap and I should put it back in my bag. I have never tried since. 

Natasha: Nice. Here you were meant to be a fashion designer and Mrs. Fartface ruined that for you.

How do you like your steak?

Joelle: Dead and medium.

Natasha:  What would you eat first if you were starving in a cave in a mountain? Skunk roadkill (you're allowed to cook it or something with a fire you started from stones and sticks and whatever), three-day-old broccoli that was first cooked for forty-five minutes and then left in the sun, or creamed corn mixed with brown beans from a can with that awful maple sauce mixed with curdled breast milk? Hey. Don't laugh. It could happen.

Joelle: I will take the road kill with a side order of the cream corn breastmilk.  Am I with anyone? Could I not just eat their backside if they did not survive?

Natasha: Did I present that as an option? *cough* Reading comprehension. *cough*

Did you have a lucky number when you were a kid?

Joelle: Twelve. It was the number on all my jerseys, too.

Natasha:  What's your favourite part of my body?

Joelle: Your perfect eyebrows. But, I think your brain and your unreal ability to correct all grammar mistakes.

Natasha: (I'm totally correcting all grammar mistakes right now. Available for editing and copywriting services at jisforjoelle @

What's your favourite Guns 'n' Roses song?

Joelle: Paradise City.

Natasha: What's your favourite fruit?

Joelle: Cherries and peaches. But real ones from BC. Soft and juicy.

Natasha:  Favourite chocolate bar?

Joelle: Kit Kat.

Natasha: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being hatred and 10 being orgasmic, how much do you love it when you manage to get a popcorn kernel skin out of your teeth after egging it out with your tongue for about twenty minutes?

Joelle: 11!!

Oh, good fun. Let's do it again sometime. With video. And men. And smoke machines. And pythons.

Or just a nice mug of egg nog. Whatever.

Daily Gratitudes

  1. Joelle keeps extra toothbrushes around for me when I crash here semi-annually.
  2. Cool, rainy weather.
  3. Sam's visit was nice and helped me in perfecting my British accent. She's a cutie. 
  4. The tomato egg proscuitto thing Jo made tonight was DELICIOUS.
  5. Being loved forever and ever by someone wonderful and generous and funny and fun.
Good morning!


Thursday, June 16

My worst kiss

It is very late at night, I am exhausted from my very busy day and I am now trying to figure out what I can write about and the idea of sharing my worst kiss popped into my head. Normally I would not share something so personal...ooh wait yes I would. Personal and embarrassing actually. 

The reason it was so horrible was not how he kissed me, where he kissed me. The reason this kiss made number one on my top 5 worst kisses of all time (and yes I do have a top 5 list) was because during the kiss, he burped, in my mouth. 

Ya, go ahead laugh all you want! It was so gross. The worst part (like having him belch was not bad enough) was the fact that he didn't even say anything about and just kept on kissing. 
When I pulled away I was so grossed out, and he was like "what?" He had no idea what was going on. 

Even thinking about it now makes me giggle a little. 

Funny memories. 

So tell me about your worst kiss! I could really use the laugh.


I am grateful for catching up with old friends. 

I am grateful for new music, I need it right now. . 

I am grateful for Nora, she wrapped herself up in a blanket this afternoon and rolled around hitting cupboards.

I am Grateful for how funny my children are, when I am home alone and have no one to laugh with, they keep me giggling. 


Wednesday, June 15

The sure way to my heart

I want to show everyone out in the world the sure way to my heart. Some girls like diamonds, some need cars, trips, some girls need clothes and shopping even. Not me. I am rather easy to please...this is what I love..

Triscuits, seafood dip, and garlic stuffed olives.....sigh...ooh how I love thee. 
And yes, you are correct ones breath does not smell delightful after an indulgence like this, but it doesn't matter. It is worth every second, and every drop of mouth wash required afterwards!

I am going to go put a bigger dent in this Dip Sam brought over and I'm gonna go giggle until I cry. 


I am grateful for the rain, I love rain days.

I am grateful for SAM.

I am grateful for GH and a full tank of gas. 


I will be grateful when this week is over and I hear news that I have been waiting for!!

Tuesday, June 14

Diarrhea, just the way I like it.

My day was far from a great one. It started off horrible, and then continued on a steady and rapid decline for the remainder of the day. 

The only highlight was going to be the walk that the kids and I were going to go on after diner with Sam and her kids. Like always I arrived a little early to the previously discussed meeting place which was a park half way between her and my place. I was laying on the grass watching the clouds (which were beautiful by the way) when I can hear Nora crying and Ethan yelling. 
Honestly I was not really concerned, I was relaxing, but could not ignore it longer when I heard Ethan say,"Gross, what is that?"

I sat up to see Nora walking bull legged and crying. Ooh great, she peed.....I wish!

The closer she got to me I could see this greenish/brownish substance running down her leg. It was awful. 
GREAT! I am in the middle of a field, 15 minutes away from home, and I have nothing but an outhouse to clean her up in!!! GREAT!!!!

The poor little creature is crying pretty hard now, so I throw away her shorts and undies, do my best to clean her up, and as I quickly scan the baseball field something blue catches my eye. 
I run over and find a sweater someone left on the bleachers, too bad, I need it. SO I swipe the sweater and wrap Nora up in it, meanwhile it begins to pour. I mean... IT'S COMING DOWN AND I'M LOOKING FOR THE ARK! 

My hair is drenched, the children are soaked too, and poor half naked Nora is doing her best to run to the truck holding the sweater around her bottom end that her clepto mom got for her. 

We all arrive in the truck, soaked and cold. So much for our walk tonight! Honestly, things like this seem to happen to me a lot.
I'm done with this it bed time yet?



I am grateful there are only 2 weeks left of school. I'm really looking forward to summer break!

I am grateful for time to think about life, and the direction it is going now.

I am grateful for how amazing the clouds were tonight. Brilliant and deep. It was quite a show. I don't remember the last time I laid down and just watched the sky.

Monday, June 13

Music Monday and Mr. LOVE

Today I got to spend the afternoon with Chris Love (what a great name eh?) in the studio doing more testing. Practicing really, we would chat, listen to music, talk and record our conversations so the Boss can listen and decided what he thinks of me. It was really nice to be in the studio with no one else around but Chris and I. I felt calm, and more at ease about the whole thing.
Laughing and talking and listening to music, not a bad way to spend ones time, if I do say so myself.

Today for Music Monday I picked a few of my favorite Pink tunes.

Pink-So What

Pink-Stupid Girls


Pink-Glitter In the Air


I am grateful tomorrow is a new day, with new possibilities. 


Sunday, June 12

One week down, hopefully more to come!

Today I spent the afternoon at 102.3 NOW radio helping out with the garage sale, and giving tours of the studio. It was a really great time.
I was supposed to do more testing, but because the station was so busy and there were so many people coming in and out of the studio that there was just no time today. So I will return tomorrow, and spend the afternoon with Chris working on things again. I love hearing the words "can you come back tomorrow Joelle?"

Today I met all the rest of the NOW hosts and they were delightful. It was a fun afternoon of meeting people and feeling more comfortable with things around the station. I was shocked how many people brought their pets to the station too.

The NOW garage sale. 

Shanny and Cary

Taz and her Denim one piece Garage sale find.

Chris and I

At the end of the day Fitzy and Chris switching up.

The Brit's stopped by on their way back from Calgary, I got to give them a tour of the station it was nice to have some of my people there too.

The Pleb swearing at me in the production room.. Why are we friends?
Unrelated, I have decided what is going to be added to my bucket list after crossing off the U2 concert....Drum roll please..... I would like to see PINK in concert. She is who I want to be when I grow up..well I want her abs anyway.


I am grateful for how kind everyone (at NOW) has been to me through this. Lets face it, most of the people there have gone to school and have been doing this for years and years. So for me to just walk in, I would imagine could and is upsetting (even just a bit, or a lot) yet everybody has been very nice and made me feel very welcome. I have not been yelled at, spit on, or hit yet. And for that I am really grateful.

I am grateful for how beautiful the weather has been lately. I have almost completely forgotten how horrible this past winter was...almost.

I am grateful for the pizza the Brit's brought me back from Calgary. I was starving after I was done this afternoon, and thanks for sharing the drink too. 

I am grateful for the smell of clean laundry.