Tuesday, May 10

Well Hung, such an Irony

I was driving home the other day from Seth's school and this is what was in front of me at the lights...

I got a good little chuckle out of it too. The fact that the company is called well hung...I am not mature enough to not giggle at that. But the fact that it is called well hung and the door is not well hung made me laugh out loud!

People make me smile. 


I am grateful I was able to serve Sam. She is was very sick and her mom arrives from England in the morning., and now she will have a clean house to arrive to. 

I am grateful for leftover pizza.

I am grateful for funny children. 


1 comment:

English Sam said...

It was actually me who is very grateful you were able to serve me today. You are a true friend, in sickness and in health and all that! Thank you lady :)