Wednesday, May 18

Sunday with baby swell face.

Sunday English Sam's daughter Lara (lovingly called LaLa by me) spent the day in the hospital with the puffiest face I have ever seen.
She is really allergic to mosquito bites, when she gets them, this is what happens with in hours...

So we spent most of the afternoon waiting to see a doctor to tell Sam that LaLa is allergic...gasp, I know. We needed a doctor to tell us that.

Poor little girl.

During one part she was pretending to barf in a K basin. It was really funny because she had seen some guy throwing up in one an hour before, and then out of no where she started to copy what she had seen him do. very entertaining!

This little girl was so happy all day through needles, long wait times, and awful smells

She is such a ray of sunshine to me. She is my most favorite British 2 year old in the whole world!


I am praying for rain for the community of Slave Lake. 
My family is from Slave Lake. I actually still have family there. And I hope this fire will end  and that the families will be able to rebuild their lives soon.


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Erin Mac said...

She is adorable! Shanelle is/was allergic to mosquito bites too...when she was 1 she got bit between the eyes and it swelled up so much that she couldnt see out of either eyes....Benadryl became our best friend....but good news, like our pedi. told us, she out grew it (mostly, bites still swell more than the average person but nothing like when she was little)
We too our praying for the people of Slave Lake and up North ~ our thoughts are with your family and friends and everyone up there