Thursday, May 12

Strange and Beautiful

I have a strange and beautiful group of people I surround myself with.  I think I have a great group of friends, some are physically around me and I get to hang with them often. Other friends I love and cherish I only get to chat with via the computer...but all of them are pretty great. 

So with that segway to the strange and beautiful people I hang with...

English Sam and I have decided we are going to grow a garden, both of us are pretty excited about it. It will be exciting and hard work, and I can't wait. 
We were needing some rakes and shovels to begin our very impressive and labour intensive project so we asked our friend G if we could borrow his. He has a farm and would have those sorts of things. So I called and asked and he said I could use them. I drove to his farm to get a rake, and shovel, and then I went into the garage to get rope and this is what I found...

It startled me so badly I actually jumped and a squeak came out of my mouth. Now I know my reaction seems a bit dramatic, because your right, why wouldn't there be a coffin in the middle of a garage?

I have great friends!

The garden came along great once I got all the tools, I am really excited to have a project for the summer. Plus really fresh and yummy food. 
This is us staking it off and beginning raking all the dead grass to clear a section for the rototiller. 
The green section is our garden once it was cleared. We still have a ton of work, but we are getting there. 

And this is what weirdo Nora did all afternoon???


I am grateful for the opportunity to have a garden this year. I have missed it and I like the hard work. 

I am grateful when I get to meet people who read my blog. It never ceases to amaze me. 

I am grateful for laughter, always and forever!


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