Thursday, May 5

Seth and the lady with the small boobs

After school today when I picked Seth up from School his teacher asked if i had a moment to talk, she said she had a story she wanted to tell me.
I always have time for stories!

She explained to me how one of the other kindergarten teachers is pregnant. Today when the two classes were together Seth was sitting beside this teacher.
Miss Daniel said she was watching Seth stare at her very pregnant tummy and she said she could see him trying to touch it, but was looking around making sure no one was watching.

Finally, she said, he could not take it any more and he put his hand on her baby bump.
The teacher was shocked, squatted down so she could talk to Seth and asked if she could help him.
He looked really confused and said, that is really really big and really hard.
Then he put his hands on her boobs and said these are really really small and  gross and kinda squishy.

Miss Daniel was giggling pretty hard. She said the teacher was just shocked and stunned.
Poor lady


I am grateful for the beautiful walk me and the children went on tonight. I love the longer days of summer.

I am grateful for clean underwear. There is nothing better then warm undies straight from the dryer.

I am grateful from visits with friends.


Natasha said...

WOW. Oh, that is one you'll be retelling over and over. Amazing! Hilarious!

Amber said...

Hahahahaha!!! That is priceless!

TheRealSlimKatie said...

From the mouths of Babes!! haha Too cute!! ♥