Friday, May 20

Nora's first field trip, it was overwhelmingly unimpressive.

I signed Nora up to do one month of pre-school. The last month of the school year, which does seem ridiculous I know, but she has been such a trooper with driving Seth 4 hours every day with little complaining I felt she deserved to get to do something fun.
So her first day of pre-school was a field trip. And not just any field trip, it was a field trip to the Edmonton zoo.

Now, to give you a bit of background, I grew up just outside of Calgary. If you have been lucky enough to go to the Calgary Zoo, then perhaps had the misfortune of going to the Edmonton zoo you will understand what I am trying to say here with out saying it.

So in an attempt to avoid a slander lawsuit I will just say I really, really love the Calgary zoo!!

This is the gopher exhibit.Yes... in a zoo in Alberta, Canada, there is a gopher exhibit. Not only are there gophers, they are so over fed that they resemble beavers. Had I hit one of these gophers on the side of the road with my truck my tire would blow off - that is how big some of these suckers are. The part that made me giggle the most was that the info sheet said they are bordering on endangered. Funny - the hundreds of gophers that we shoot from the deck of my dads farm every summer would contradict that info sheet. PETA don't bother calling me; I eat meat and go to rodeos as well.

The next exhibit that blew my mind was this exact replica of the jungle for this sweet baby monkey. It is so exact that I hardly knew it was a zoo. Fisher Price and all.

Finally the wolf exhibit was the piece de resistance - yes, yes indeed - this is a cardboard cutout of a wolf! 

Mind blowing, and it furthered my resolve to never be helper mom ever again! That and the elephant penis that I saw. Which was probably the highlight of the day.

A day well spent. Or a day spent.



I am grateful for all the sweet things everyone wrote yesterday for the birthday. Thank you! I will do the draws on Monday when we get back from camping.

I am grateful for school almost being done. I can't wait for summer time!

I am grateful for this net tent I am sitting in right now, so there are no mosquitoes bothering us as we play cards and I blog!

I am grateful for our dear friends who go camping with us, I love you Brits, and Nanny Brit too!


Natasha said...

Unbelievable. I mean, the Edmonton zoo used to be bad but this is just overachieving now. The elephants made me the most sad. Not enough room to even use those penises.

A cardboard wolf! Was there also a sign saying, "Don't feed the animals!"?

I should have you read the David Sedaris story about his boyfriend's field trips as a kid. Once? They went on a trip to a field. Count your lucky stars, Nora, you spoiled child.

Percy2626 said...

I totally understand what you are saying without saying it. We have season passes to the Calgary Zoo. Even from where we are now, I love going down there for the day. Hmm, maybe I will do that tomorrow if we are mostly all feeling better.

Oh, even the bigger Alberta Zoo has a gopher exhibit. Savannah calls them baby Beabers! (Beavers), so lol at your Beaver comments.

That carboard wolf was amazing! Can't say I've ever seen it. We once went to a birthday party at the Edmonton Zoo. Also spent a Canada Day there. That's enough for us.

I wish they could do something to make the zoo bigger and better and better for the animals.

Hope Nora had fun. Did they ride the train? :D

Amanda Adams said...

Did I tell you that the Calgary Zoo is special ordering an entire shipment of a particular suffed hippo that Katie lost? I messaged them asking if I could order one from them and they told me they no longer made that type of small hippo....about 2 weeks later they messaged me again telling me that they were special ordering a shipment just so my baby could get her favorite stuffy back...NOW THATS IMPRESSIVE!! I fully intend on writing a letter of thanks to them and forwarding it to the Calgary Sun.