Wednesday, May 11

My morning of crying and garbage removal

In the small town we live in every May there is a "treasure swap" where you can put out anything you no longer want (on your front lawn) and it is fair game for people to drive around and they can take it. Then the following week anything still left out on the lawn is picked up by the garbage disposal people.
It is a great time for my children who are hoarders. They walk up and down my street and collect things.
I, by nature, am not a hoarder. I am the exact opposite of a hoarder. I will happily toss anything if it has not been used in the last 6 months, so you can imagine how much I love this time of year.

This morning when I came down the stairs I could see Seth was really upset by something going on outside. I looked out my window and with delight, saw the towns crew picking up the collection of stuff on my lawn that has been collecting all winter that I have wanted to dispose of.
 But Seth was really upset, crying in fact, about something.
So I asked him what was wrong.
He said "they are throwing away our ramp"
No, our ramp is on the side of the house.
(The ramp is an old piece of wood nailed to a tiny lift about 3/4 of an inch high, that the children ride their bikes over) I am sure in their minds they are attempting these "jumps" at death defying heights, when in reality they are big enough to possibly throw you off balance at best if you were to step on it.
regardless, the boys like it and so I am now concerned so I go outside to see what can be done.

Problem was, when I went outside to talk to these three (rather young) town workers my children came storming out as well with their emotions in a bit of a tizzy.

Seth is crying and pointing at the pile of wood,
 Ethan was repeatedly asking "did you take the wood?"
Gabe is running with unreal determination from one side of the house to the other about 5 times to try and find something that was"very very important"
The poor teenage town workers were just standing there with rather stunned faces watching this crazy family. They actually looked like deer caught in headlights....

(ooh and I should also mention I am outside in my PJ's and my hair is...rather disheveled, but I had a lulu headband on. but it was still scary)

To say we were a sight would be putting it mildly!

I was trying to heard the children into the house so I could tell them what the town workers were doing. To explain to my dear little hoarders that there stuff was actually garbage.  I was trying to do it with my best most calm, my most not trash mom voice, but it was getting hard.

I finally calmed Seth down, we found what Gabe was looking for and Ethan came to his scenes about the scrap wood....
So I thought I would win the good mom ribbon today...

 that was until later around 4pm when I got a call from Seth school(and hour drive away) asking if someone was going to pick him up...CRAP I forgot to pick Seth up. I thought for some reason Drew was picking him up, who forgets their kid???

Ooh my goodness,  is it bed time yet???!!!!


I am grateful I can still laugh. My teeth are clenched, but I'm laughing. 

I am grateful for walks with friends. 

I am grateful for new days, fresh starts and sleep. 



Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad darling girl! My Dad used to forget to pick me up after my music lessons on a regular basis. I spent a LOT of time at the teachers house waiting for Dad to drive back into town ( we also lived 30 minutes out of town ) to get me. Hell he even forgot me at the mall once!! He got home and my Mum said 'where are the kids?'...he didn't say a word and promptly turned on his heel and drove back in to get us!


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