Monday, May 16

My Day as a radio DJ - Another tick off my bucket list! The perfect Music Monday!

First I need to let you all know how sorry I am for the days between my last post. Blogger (my blog host) has been down for the last few days for maintenance. But things are back up now, and I have a few REALLY exciting days to catch you up on!!


I have spoken before about my favorite radio station 102.3 NOW radio here in Edmonton, they are so fun and young and play great music and I listen all the time. And when I drive 4 hours a day, I always appreciate humour and good tunes to help pass the time.

This last week (on Wednesday) the radio hosts were talking about having interns work with them. Each time slot had an intern, except the 10-3 show with Adam. He was saying on the radio how maybe if someone wanted to be his intern he would pay them $100, and they could do fun jobs from 12-3.

I got to thinking....

I have wanted to be a DJ, it's even on my bucket list. I wonder what I would have to do? So I texted in and asked how I could get a shot. Do I need to send a resume? Should I call? How about a pole dance; it is going to be an Olympic event ya know, so don't be gross...

I would pretty much do anything. I texted in twice and still had not heard anything back. So I called Drew and told him about it and he texted the radio station this...

Re: being an intern for Adam McKale;-my wife will! She would be amazing! Blow your socks off good. Make you want to hire her on the spot and grovel at her feet good. I'll even take the day off so she can do it.

A bit much I agree, but it got their attention.
They wrote Drew back and told me to call on Thursday afternoon for an "interview". Heck I can do better then that! Seth's school is 2 minutes away, so Thursday morning after I dropped Seth off at 9am I decided to stop in at the station and say hi, introduce myself and tell them I really want to be his intern.
And that is what I did!
I drove up to the station, took a few deep breaths, pulled up my big girl panties and told myself I can do anything, what do I have to lose?

I walked in with a big smile and my nice new green shirt and introduced myself.
The receptionist (TAZ) told me to hold on a sec and she went and got Adam. When he arrived I smiled as big as I could and shook his hand and said I really wanted to be his intern. Then I told him I would make him a cake too.
He said he was so impressed that I actually came down that I got the intern spot!!!! Right there! They cancelled all the other "interviews" and began announcing that I would be in studio the next day.
It was so exciting hearing them talk about me all afternoon that I was actually squealing and doing the in-car dance whenever I heard my name.

It made it even more exciting when they posted on their Facebook wall asking listeners for suggestions of what they should make me do while I was there all afternoon.

Some of the ideas that came back were:
Talk with an accent
Hand out condoms
Pole dance
Foot massage
Get coffee
Sing and dance
Clean Adam's desk
just to name a few...

I could hardly sleep that night. I just kept hoping I would not sound like a total idiot on the air. If I'm being honest I was also daydreaming a little, imagining they loved me so much they offered me a job... a girl can dream right?

Friday morning I woke, shot out of bed and was instantly excited, the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy, but I liked it. I love that rush of adrenalin. 
I love things like this. It makes me feel alive.
I got dressed in my best outfit and started fidgeting and pacing by 9am.
I assembled the cake and was out the door by 11.
Drew was so sweet, he worked from home to be with Nora so I could go.

I arrived at the station at 11:30, I took a few more deep breaths, fixed my lipstick, and went inside. I was introduced to tons of people, then taken into the studio. I took some pictures and was shown how things work. Really interesting!

My Mic. 

This is Adam... say hi!

My fab yellow Liz Claiborne mules. 

Cool little pep talk to the hosts on the window.

Adams desk before

Adams desk after

The lemon and blueberry cake that everyone loved. People actually came in off the street  to get some!

Taz, the fastest texter I have ever seen. Honestly she could win an award. 

Rachel and Cary (afternoon time slot hosts) - they loved my cake too. Cary told me I was really pretty... he was kind of cute himself ...blush...

Here is how some of  my day went. I actually was there for three hours, so these are just a few of the snippets.

When it was all over (around 2:30) Adam was saying good by and then he surprised me with this...

He said at the end he was so happy with me and he loved my "That's what she said" joke that he decided to give me $200 instead of just the $100!!!! Also because my friend Mel told him too - props to you Mel!

And then after I left and Adam switched to the afternoon hosts (Rachel and Cary) they kept talking about me and my awesomeness.

What a great day! What a perfect day! I had so much fun. I love feeling exhilarated and nervous - the energy from it keeps me going. I love trying new things and having new experiences. And making double the money ain't half bad either!

My friend suggested from now on when I cross something off my bucket list, I need to add something new to it - excellent plan!

Be a radio DJ, even if just for a day

I have been thinking about it all morning so, to my bucket list I will add these new things (because I crossed off NYC, NBA game, DJ and some food in the last few months) and I have it on good authority from Drew that I have U2 tickets now which means I will be crossing off another thing from my bucket list very soon in 17 days (but who's counting)!

-Learn another language, Italian preferably and be better at sign language. 
-Try SCUBA Diving
-Go White water rafting
-Learn Chess, I have always loved the idea of this game. I want to learn.
-Make or help make someone else's dream(s) come true, however big or small.
-Play golf at midnight in the NWT where it's light 24 hours a day in the summer.
-Throw a very large dinner party for my dearest friends so they know how much I love them.
-Pack a bag and go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere for the day or weekend.
-Bury the hatchet with a few people I had conflict with once.
-Watch an animal being born, or hatched.
-Climb a tree with someone after having a picnic.
-Join a baseball team and play again

Last I would love to encourage everyone to write out a bucket list. Goals are amazing things, it's important to have things you dream about, vital really. I love having a list of things I can look at that I have accomplished, and things that I still want to do. Go on, give it a try, what's the worst that can happen... your dreams come true, even if just for a day!

Still smiling from ear to ear,



I am grateful for all my friends who texted in while I was a DJ for a day. It was wonderful to feel so loved and supported. I have the greatest group of friends! Thank you!!

I am grateful for a beautiful life full of opportunities, love and friends.  After one day of being a DJ, I earned enough to buy my ticket to Italy from London, and enough for a pretty shirt to wear in Italy too!

I am grateful Dawson came up and hung with us this weekend, always a treat my friend!

I am grateful. Just really, really grateful!


TheRealSlimKatie said...

What a Day!! Thanks again for sharing your exciting life with us!! I can't wait to write out my bucket list!! Hmmmmmm.... lol Congratz on your perfect day!! ♥

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us with you!


Amy said...


Percy2626 said...

Thanks for the clips. I saw most of it, but missed a few of the more important parts when kids needed me. Love the "That's what she said!" :D I texted several times, don't know if they read you any of them. You were awesome. Maybe you should randomly drop in some other day and see if they will take Nora on a tour with you to show her what you got to do!

Kerry said...

Fantastic post! Very interesting and my goodness you are lovely! I think the radio station should keep you - you'd add a little spice to the place. :0)

Tracy said...

All I can say is You rocked it girl! Loved hearing the clips you posted; missed the show cause of work you know. Makes me so happy when I get to see others accomplish a goal or check off an item on their bucket list. Thanks for the smiles;)

J said...

Thank you everyone! And Kerry - *blush* What a nice thing to say.

Natasha said...

Haven't listened to it yet, because it's only 5:30 and you know what I've been doing the last however many hours. Just wanted to say that your bucket list is looking an awful lot like mine. :-) (I forgot to add "witness an animal being born" on mine, too. But it's been a wish since I was a child. At least I can cross off "see leaf insects mate in Biel, Switzerland"!)

Natasha said...

It doesn't have cheesecake IN the cake, brilliant DJ. It has cream cheese ICING. You can't bake a regular flour-based cake with a cheesecake inside of it. (Seriously, how do some people get by in life knowing so little about food?) It has buttermilk in it, which makes it so dense and moist, and, again, there are just so many great things about you, Jo, for which I take complete credit. To thank me, you can throw ME the big dinner party and we'll call it my WEDDING RECEPTION. You know, on Mars, in the year 2369.

I think I'm making cake this week....