Monday, May 2

Music to listen to while you go VOTE!!!!

What a wonderful weekend, the weather was fantastic, aside from that light dump of hail. But other then that it was brilliant. 
Drew got the boys new bikes (our new ones from last year were stolen. Along with our gas can, rake, skateboards, spring decorations......) they had a wonderful time riding and playing. I love spring!

Along with all the beautiful weather it is yet again that time for our country to vote. I love voting, I really do. I was so excited to vote when I turned 18. I will have you know I was more excited to vote then get my drivers licence. (true story) 

I feel like it is my opportunity to say thank you to the women that paved the way for women's rights. To say thank you to the women who endured so much to make my life full of choice, and opportunities. 
I believe our voices matter, and honestly I don't really care who you vote for (that is not any ones business) what matters is you do it. And that you don't throw away your chance to say what you think. 

So I hope everyone finds the time today to cast your vote, let your little voice be heard, do your part ...yada yada...and while you are I will serenade you with awesome hits from the 90's. 

Have an excellent week. 


(please view all videos with the understanding that they might contain something that is not ideal for all ages) not that I am posting nasty stuff, just 90's hair and clothes might not be your cup of tea!

Montel Jordan This is how we do it

Good Vibrations Marky Mark

Skeelo I wish

No Diggity Blackstreet

Fatboy Slim Rockrefeller Skank

Third Eye Blind Semi Charmed life


I am grateful for friends who invited us out for Sunday brunch at their place. We had a wonderful time.

I am grateful for new jeans...I have officially lost 40 pounds and not one pair of pants I own fits (sadly not even most of the stuff I bought in NYC). SO I got new jeans this weekend!

I am grateful for Drew feeling happier.


Natasha said...

"...awesome hits from the 90s." Oxymoron.

Melissa Haavind said...

Yay for new jeans!! BTW from your NYC pictures you look awesome Joelle!!!

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Joelle, with your vibrant personality, and that killer smile, you could weigh 300lbs and be wearing a burlap sac and still turn heads!! But I will congratulate you anyway!! Congratz!! And sorry to hear about your stolen stuff!! That sucks!
The music this week made me smile (and dance, and look for my banana clip!! haha