Monday, May 9

Music Monday post Mothers Day pig out!

What a weekend I just had!

English Sam and I went down to Calgary for the weekend and met up with my friend Amy who got us tickets to go to a woman's conference. It was an OK conference,  but the food....ooh the was a food packed weekend and here are the pictures and some tunes to wash it down with!

Goo Goo Dolls Slide

Cake Short skirt long jacket

Matchbox 20 Leave This Bed

Jessie J Price Tag (I know I already played this one, But I love it)

The drive down was blustery. I love living in the prairies for this reason, the ocean of clouds.

Friday night after the conference we ate at Redwater Grille, Sam and  I had the spring Veggie Risotto (Amazing). We also had 3 appies, but we were so hungry I forgot to take a picture.  

Amy had the sea food Risotto.

Rita had sea Bass

Saturday morning we returned to the same breakfast place we went to for Sam's birthday weekend Over Easy...

Sam had French toast and strawberries

I had sun dried tomatoes with 2 poached eggs, with prosciutto on a piece of Rye. To die for!!!! 

Amy had a crepe with fruit and cream

It was heaven!!!

Saturday at the afternoon session of the conference was OK, we left early though to go shop.

Sam just got word her daughter was in the hospital getting stitches.

The afternoon was fantastic!

For dinner we found a authentic Italian  pizzeria that cooks the pizzas in a stone oven!

Sam is half Italian and she loved it and said it tasted like home.

This was the pizza box for our leftovers (which there was not lots of)

Sorry about the boob shot, not sure what happened there.

This was dessert. Its pizza dough cooked in the stone oven, then cut open Nutella  spread all over it, re cooked to warm the spread and served with powered sugar. This will make you sing, so we got another order to take home!

the rain returned on the way home, it made the drive slow. 

On Sunday for Mothers day Drew always makes me Julia Child's  Boeuf Bourguignon (beef stew) This year we invited the Brits.

It was wonderful, except for the constant crying of the children.

Sam and I actually left for a walk...what would Mothers Day be without fighting and crying right?
It was a foodies dream weekend. I love it!


I am grateful for Drew taking the children camping so I could get away, and making me food for mothers day. I felt special, thank you.

I am grateful for all the cards and pictures the children made me. My favorite was a "love chain" the children told Drew everything they love about me and they made it into a chain for me. A few high lights on the list of 54 were:

She pushed us out
She smells so good (this one made me smile)
She is a great cook
She makes awesome rootbeer (never done this in my life)
She teaches us how many times to chew (??)
She buys us gum
She sits on us (not too sure about this)
She lets us make spears (nope never done that either)
She teaches us about music 
She is pretty (blush)
She makes good cookies
She teaches us manners

I am grateful for friends who love food as much as me.

I am grateful for getting to talk to my brother. 



Leah M said...

Sounds like an AWESOME Mothers Day Weekend!
Well deserved too!
Thanks for the food ideas, I will remember those next time I'm in Calgary.

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Sounds like the perfect Mother's day!! ♥