Thursday, May 26

A letter from Fire Guy

I received this from Fire Guy and I was excited to share...

Slave lake and holy smokes Batman I won.
Hey Joelle,
First off let me start by saying that my trip to Salve Lake was humbling. Seeing what has happened there is scary, but at the same time, knowing what the crews are currently doing to get the people back into that town is nothing short of amazing. Everyone from the emergency crews that are working to make sure the fires are out or under control, to the utility crews getting the services back up and running. There is camps set up and the people cooking food and working in the hotels are amazing. The restoration crews that we saw working at the hospital to get it cleaned and running again. Also all the equipment operators in town cleaning up to make it safe. And the RCMP doing the road blocks and patrols.
Everyone we met was proud to be there, I spoke to members of the Slave Lake fire Dept who have not taken a day off since the fire, and are overwhelmed at the support they are getting. Listening to their stories is nothing short of amazing. Also the lady that sat with us for dinner on Sunday who lived there, was one of the last to leave as she had to get her crews out of town, and was also one of the first people back to get her crews working again. She was thanking us with tears in her eyes. These people are the true hero's of Salve Lake, and they need to know that.
We were able to take some time to tour the area and meet some of the pilots and other crews working the fire, simply amazing the effort that is taking place only a short drive from here. I included one of the pictures that I took while up there, it is a small sign on the side of the road just outside fo town, but it measn the world to everyone up there right now. IF you choose to please post it on your VERY WELL READ blog for others to see.

As for the holy smokes I won part, I never win anything, and will enjoy drinking coffee out of that very nice mug. If you want you can drop it of at the Firehall, we have guys there from 8:30am till 4:30pm Mon to Fri.

Take care for now,


I am grateful to live in a world were we still are anxious to help each other.

I am grateful for the rain Slave Lake has gotten.

I am grateful that people still turn Heaven ward when things get hard.


I have 5 mix CD's that I made of my favorite songs and the winners for them are:

  • Erin
  • Monika
  • Terri
  • Melissa
  • Pam
So if you sweet ladies can send me your addresses please I will send you my grade 7 mixtape.


TheRealSlimKatie said...

I have a friend, from here, who is having to start over in Slave Lake. Her and her daughter are doing well, considering. The strength the families of Slave Lake are showing the rest of Canada is nothing short of amazing! ♥

Percy2626 said...

This is an awesome letter! Thanks FireGuy Alex. And thanks for the prize Joelle! :D