Wednesday, May 25

Let's hand out the prizes!

Two years ago we had our front yard landscaped. When we bought this house the yard was horrible. We had two very large Christmas trees in the front that made it completely impossible for grass to grow.

So when the time came that we could put time and money into our yard, I was really excited to put a beautiful tree, smaller in size, to replace the giant Christmas trees.
I named the tree Nyla, after one of the babies I was a Doula for that happened to be born the day the tree was planted.

Last year Nyla did not look super pretty, she was still a baby tree, but this year.... well, just take a look

Nyla has the most gorgeous bright fushia pink flowers on her. The flowers are such a welcoming sight when I turn the corner and drive to my house. They smell divine, and they make my insides so happy.

Today when I was driving home, and I turned my corner and saw Nyla's flowers waving to me it made me think about my cousin Janine who lives in Slave Lake. She has been evacuated along with the rest of the town. Janine has the the most beautiful garden. I love looking at pictures of it and last year she would post pictures of it all the time. I thought about her home, and how I hope all is well with her.
I thought about her garden and wondered if she will get to plant anything this year.
I thought about Fire Guy (a blog reader) who went up to Slave Lake to help and wondered if he helped save her home?
I thought about how I am going to work so hard on my garden this year for Janine.
How so many communities have worked together to help Slave Lake out and all the stories of love and charity that have come out of this so far.

I thought about how beautiful life is and how grateful I am for my blessings.



I am so happy to announce the winners of my Blog Birthday loot!!!

Jen Labbe and Robyn Brown get these delicious little wonders!
My most favorite treats of all time!
Christy McPhillamey you won my favorite napkins!!
Fire Guy!!!! You get my MUG!!!!! I hope you use it at the fire hall with pride.
Amy Seely, you WON THE COOKBOOK! Happy, happy cooking my dear friend.
If everyone could send me their addresses so I can send you my goodies I will do that in the next few days!

Thank you everyone for being a part of my blogs birthday! It was fun!

I am grateful my children finally got haircuts, they were starting to look like they did not have a mom who cared. 

I am grateful for slushes. 

I am grateful for bedtime!


Natasha said...

I can't help but think it conspicuous that I did not win anything. I am holding a grudge. At least until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. That should be sufficient.

Amy said...