Friday, May 6

The day with Tella

Thanks to some fancy planning from my friend who had to work near my families farm, I got a ride down to spend the day with my little sister Tella today. 

I love the farm. It is so beautiful this time of year, and with all the baby horses that have been born in the last few weeks it made it even more special. 

When I first arrived I spent some time at my sisters house, I met her roommate and their dog. Kinda a cute little thing. 

Our Dad picked us up and took us to the farm. The old man is really looking good these days!

 The baby horses were beautiful and fun to watch while they played with their mums. I love spring.

This is the sign on my families farm gate. Pretty much sums up the over all feel of the place.

Everywhere you look it is lovely. I feel such peace and such a sense of relaxation when I am there.

This is my favorite tree in the whole world. I love this tree. 

 On the drive home the thunder clouds started to roll in and they were magnificent. 

Ooh the prairies. Home sweet home!


I am grateful for the wonderful day I spent with Tella. It is always good to see her. I love her.

I am grateful my ride did not make me walk home like I had been threatened. 

I am grateful for the fantastic lunch I had. It was good to eat. 

I am grateful to girlfriends who visited and giggled with me tonight. It is so good for my soul to laugh, and you ladies always make me smile, I love you!



Natasha said...

You had a whole day's worth of activities already today on May 6th?!

Okay, going to read your post now. Just had to be a pest.

Erin Mac said...

I love that tree! That is my tree, my tree for the shop! What a wonderful tree! I love that picture :)
Glad you had a great day!

TheRealSlimKatie said...

Oh, how I miss the Prairies!! I'm gonna go cry now! lol