Tuesday, May 17

The day I almost drove off the road while picking up my friend.

What a crazy morning. I was driving down to Calgary to pick up my friend Natasha who was returning from her month long trip to Italy/Switzerland/France/London. It is a 4 hour drive one way, and I was so very excited to see her again and chat. I have missed her terribly.

After I dropped Seth off at school I drove to the south end of the city to fill up the car and then be off for an entire day of driving and singing at the top of my lungs. I love driving.
After I filled up the car, I turned on the radio (it was around 11 am) and I heard sweet Adam McKale on the radio and felt a wash of happiness and gratitude for my day on Friday. So I decided to text him. I told him it was me, and said how much fun I had on Friday. I also said thank you and I gave him my blog address so he could see what I wrote about my time with him.

Imagine my shock when a few minutes later he read my text on the air and actually mentioned my blog, and said the address ON THE AIR. And then he said what a good blogger I was and that he enjoyed it! Then to my utter shock he said they posted my blog on their Facebook page and on their Twitter for everyone to read.

I was driving in complete shock and almost drove off the road.
Then all of a sudden my phone started chirping away receiving texts from friends saying my blog was on the NOW radio Facebook wall.
Mel started texting me my count. She said the moment she saw my blog on the Facebook page she wrote down the number and proceeded to text me all throughout the day as the number grew.

Final number at the end of the day was... are you ready for this... 800 readers! HOLY CRAP!!!! 
I average about 120 on a good day. And I realize numbers shouldn't matter, but let's face it - bigger is always better! In everything. And yes; that IS what she said.

So just to recap in case you don't know what this means; it means I am kind of a big deal, and not just in my own head anymore.

To those of you who might be one of the 800 new readers, I would like to say hello, and welcome! I hope you enjoy this little corner of the world.

My face was red all day from blushing.

What another great day! Adam McKale, I love you.



I am grateful my dear friend Tasha is home safe. As always she brought me home wonderful surprises; one from London and the other from Italy.

This is my tea towel map of the London Underground subway system. Funny how places I have yet to visit are calling my soul. I cannot wait to go!

I am grateful for moonlight and how perfect it shadows and highlights things and will forever be in my memory.

I am grateful for the hair care products I was able to get today; I ran out a couple of days ago and it's been a hot mess ever since.

I am grateful Drew is out of town tomorrow night which means I get the bed all to myself.

And just when I did not think this day could get any better look what arrived in the mail!
My spring love letter from Jamie Oliver!!!


Natasha said...

Bigger is totally better and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

Leah M said...

That is so awesome my friend!!! Well deserved!!