Tuesday, May 31

Augh...Chris Rock, you said it best!

This is all I have to say about it...

In the name of Chirs Rock..Amen!


I am grateful school is almost over.

I am grateful there is only one more sleep until U2.

I am grateful for all the stuff I was able to get done today for the garage sale!


Monday, May 30

Music Monday of dreams

This Wednesday U2 is playing here in Edmonton and I am really excited. So for obvious reasons this music Monday is a collection of a few of my favorites from all their amazing hits!

This week I will be getting ready to have a garage sale, every day I am going to go through a different part of the house and purge it.
I will be listening to U2 all week!!





U2-Beautiful Day

U2-Where The Streets Have No Name

U2- Mysterious Ways

U2-Get On Your Boots


I am grateful for a clear head.

I am grateful for walking with my friend.

I am grateful its only 3 more sleeps until another tick on my bucket list.

Friday, May 27

Saying goodbye to Oprah

Oprah's very last show was yesterday.
25 years that show has been on, and yesterday it ended. And if I am being honest, I was/am a little sad.
I remember watching that show from the very beginning.

When I was in grade school, when the final bell rang I would run home and get a cup of tea ready, popcorn and watch Oprah. That woman has taught me so much.
Some people might laugh, or roll your eyes when I talk about how much I admire her, but really, I could care less. She is am amazing woman! She has done so much for people, it is staggering.

I grew up (for the better part of my life) in daycare, or with babysitters. My mom says I was in child care from the age of 6 months.
When I was old enough to be semi responsible, I was a latch key kid. And I have to say, there are a heck of a lot worse things I could have been doing then watching Oprah. (I was actually doing those things too, just after the show was over)

I feel watching Oprah for all those years was like therapy. For all the problems I have, and am still dealing with, I could stand to have her help for another 15 years or so.

For me one of the highlights was when Beyonce preformed this song.

I loved the whole thing, and am going to re-watch her last show with all her words of wisdom that I PVR'd over and over. 

When I grow up I want to be like Oprah. 


I am grateful for yet another new bra. 

I am grateful for all the rain, my lawn really needs it. 

I am grateful for telephones, I really love chatting with my friends whenever I want. 


Thursday, May 26

A letter from Fire Guy

I received this from Fire Guy and I was excited to share...

Slave lake and holy smokes Batman I won.
Hey Joelle,
First off let me start by saying that my trip to Salve Lake was humbling. Seeing what has happened there is scary, but at the same time, knowing what the crews are currently doing to get the people back into that town is nothing short of amazing. Everyone from the emergency crews that are working to make sure the fires are out or under control, to the utility crews getting the services back up and running. There is camps set up and the people cooking food and working in the hotels are amazing. The restoration crews that we saw working at the hospital to get it cleaned and running again. Also all the equipment operators in town cleaning up to make it safe. And the RCMP doing the road blocks and patrols.
Everyone we met was proud to be there, I spoke to members of the Slave Lake fire Dept who have not taken a day off since the fire, and are overwhelmed at the support they are getting. Listening to their stories is nothing short of amazing. Also the lady that sat with us for dinner on Sunday who lived there, was one of the last to leave as she had to get her crews out of town, and was also one of the first people back to get her crews working again. She was thanking us with tears in her eyes. These people are the true hero's of Salve Lake, and they need to know that.
We were able to take some time to tour the area and meet some of the pilots and other crews working the fire, simply amazing the effort that is taking place only a short drive from here. I included one of the pictures that I took while up there, it is a small sign on the side of the road just outside fo town, but it measn the world to everyone up there right now. IF you choose to please post it on your VERY WELL READ blog for others to see.

As for the holy smokes I won part, I never win anything, and will enjoy drinking coffee out of that very nice mug. If you want you can drop it of at the Firehall, we have guys there from 8:30am till 4:30pm Mon to Fri.

Take care for now,


I am grateful to live in a world were we still are anxious to help each other.

I am grateful for the rain Slave Lake has gotten.

I am grateful that people still turn Heaven ward when things get hard.


I have 5 mix CD's that I made of my favorite songs and the winners for them are:

  • Erin
  • Monika
  • Terri
  • Melissa
  • Pam
So if you sweet ladies can send me your addresses please I will send you my grade 7 mixtape.

Wednesday, May 25

Let's hand out the prizes!

Two years ago we had our front yard landscaped. When we bought this house the yard was horrible. We had two very large Christmas trees in the front that made it completely impossible for grass to grow.

So when the time came that we could put time and money into our yard, I was really excited to put a beautiful tree, smaller in size, to replace the giant Christmas trees.
I named the tree Nyla, after one of the babies I was a Doula for that happened to be born the day the tree was planted.

Last year Nyla did not look super pretty, she was still a baby tree, but this year.... well, just take a look

Nyla has the most gorgeous bright fushia pink flowers on her. The flowers are such a welcoming sight when I turn the corner and drive to my house. They smell divine, and they make my insides so happy.

Today when I was driving home, and I turned my corner and saw Nyla's flowers waving to me it made me think about my cousin Janine who lives in Slave Lake. She has been evacuated along with the rest of the town. Janine has the the most beautiful garden. I love looking at pictures of it and last year she would post pictures of it all the time. I thought about her home, and how I hope all is well with her.
I thought about her garden and wondered if she will get to plant anything this year.
I thought about Fire Guy (a blog reader) who went up to Slave Lake to help and wondered if he helped save her home?
I thought about how I am going to work so hard on my garden this year for Janine.
How so many communities have worked together to help Slave Lake out and all the stories of love and charity that have come out of this so far.

I thought about how beautiful life is and how grateful I am for my blessings.



I am so happy to announce the winners of my Blog Birthday loot!!!

Jen Labbe and Robyn Brown get these delicious little wonders!
My most favorite treats of all time!
Christy McPhillamey you won my favorite napkins!!
Fire Guy!!!! You get my MUG!!!!! I hope you use it at the fire hall with pride.
Amy Seely, you WON THE COOKBOOK! Happy, happy cooking my dear friend.
If everyone could send me their addresses so I can send you my goodies I will do that in the next few days!

Thank you everyone for being a part of my blogs birthday! It was fun!

I am grateful my children finally got haircuts, they were starting to look like they did not have a mom who cared. 

I am grateful for slushes. 

I am grateful for bedtime!

Tuesday, May 24

Music Tuesday after the long weekend.... to spice things up!

What a great weekend. This Victoria Day long weekend was beautiful and for the most part warm. Here are the highlights from our camping trip with the Brits.

This is our trailer in the woods, it was such a beautiful spot.

My cooking area. 

The children had a great time, they got on their bikes at 9 am and only came back to eat. It was glorious!!!!

Sam and I getting food ready. 

Sadly this picture does not do our location justice, it was really beautiful. 

Injury number 1, bacon fat splatter burns on Sam's foot. OUCH!

Injury number 2. Gabe took a huge spill off his bike. 

Injury number 3, I cut my finger with a knife (a dirty from cutting raw chicken knife to boot).

Drew and Ethan going on a bike ride.

Everyone first thing in the morning just sitting in the sunshine.

Dean whittling a canoe.

Sam and Drew playing Fuzzy bunnies.

Sam loved the game so much she was sick!

We took everyone to Wabaman beach. What a great place; I got a great start to my summer tan.

What a wonderful day.

All in all it was a great weekend, until Monday morning when the rain began to pour. So we all jumped into the vehicles and headed home.... maybe not quite the die hards I first thought. 

But it was fun. 
And I think the Brits had a good time too?


For the music, I found some really great new songs. I think these are my new favorites. I am getting a little sick of my playlists right now.

This first one is a cover of the horribly obnoxious Rebecca Black song Friday. I love this version, and I think it actually sounds good, whereas the original is horrific!

Rebecca Black-Frinday

Gavin DeGraw-I Don't Want To Be

Caesars-Jerk It Out

Foster The People- Pumped Up Kicks


I am grateful school is almost over.

I am grateful there is rain in the forecast for Slave Lake this week. 

I am grateful Ethan made a new friend while we were camping. He is just like me when I was younger. 

I am grateful for the beautiful forests we have in Canada. We have the biggest and best back yard!

Saturday, May 21

Possibly the end of the world...so lets talk about my boobs

My whole life I have always had a big chest. I have never wanted in that area; I come from a long line of women who have been blessed there.
For the majority of my married life I would dare say that my girls have been my identifyer. ...You know Joelle, the girl with the (hands extended gesturing to indicate a big area).

To refresh your memory scroll down to see picture...

For the last few years most conversations with men have been at my chest. No, not that we talk ABOUT my chest, just that men talk TO my chest. Almost too many times to count men would be telling me something and their eyes would wander south of my chin. If I know the guy well I would laugh and redirect. Sneeze or cough to get their attention. I have even just flat out said "hey, they don't answer, so wanna look up here?"

The point is I have never been lacking there.... until recently. 

3 years ago now I had a breast reduction and almost 10 pounds was taken off to ease my neck and back suffering. It was the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. I felt like a million dollars. I went from a 34 J, to a 32 F.  It was glorious!

Now after I have lost an additional 40 pounds I have lost even more in that area, and am currently dancing with a 34 D.  This is what has lead to me blogging about this subject, well actually this dress is what lead me to this blog post.

I found this beautiful dress at, where else, Anthropologie of course. I fell in love instantly. I have been looking for a dress to wear in London, and I felt this was a good one. 
I love the colours, shape and I love how it drapes. The back detail is fantastic. I have gone in a few times now to try it on, and I am falling more and more in love. So I took English Sam with me to see what she thought. I put it on, came out to show her and, like I knew she would, she agreed. She loves it! But she says to me "you will need a better bra for it, maybe a push up bra?"
WHAT?? I need a push up bra?
I know I have become smaller, but really? I have reached a place in my life where I need padding in the boob area??
I am flat??
This is a shocking revelation to me. 
So I took a picture of myself in the dress so I could ask for some other opinions. 
Drew was no surprise, he hates it. 
He likes dresses that are...how do I say it?....more....hmmm.....slutty. 

So when Sam and I were driving to our camp site this weekend I asked her for an opinion and she said she would take a picture for me so I could see how bad it is.

This is how I know the world is actually going to end tomorrow, because Joelle is considered flat chested!

Yup, they're gone!



First I would like to say how grateful I am for everyone who has helped with the community of Slave Lake. My friend Jenny (AKA magic fingers) made quilts for families who lost everything. Fire Guy Alex is going up to help fight the fires. Alex, be safe, we love you and pray for a quick return. And to other ladies I go to church with who donated clothes. 

I am grateful for how wonderful the weather has been so far on our long weekend camping trip. 

I am grateful that I am able to sit here, in the sun, with no children around with my computer and write. I love camping!

Friday, May 20

Nora's first field trip, it was overwhelmingly unimpressive.

I signed Nora up to do one month of pre-school. The last month of the school year, which does seem ridiculous I know, but she has been such a trooper with driving Seth 4 hours every day with little complaining I felt she deserved to get to do something fun.
So her first day of pre-school was a field trip. And not just any field trip, it was a field trip to the Edmonton zoo.

Now, to give you a bit of background, I grew up just outside of Calgary. If you have been lucky enough to go to the Calgary Zoo, then perhaps had the misfortune of going to the Edmonton zoo you will understand what I am trying to say here with out saying it.

So in an attempt to avoid a slander lawsuit I will just say I really, really love the Calgary zoo!!

This is the gopher exhibit.Yes... in a zoo in Alberta, Canada, there is a gopher exhibit. Not only are there gophers, they are so over fed that they resemble beavers. Had I hit one of these gophers on the side of the road with my truck my tire would blow off - that is how big some of these suckers are. The part that made me giggle the most was that the info sheet said they are bordering on endangered. Funny - the hundreds of gophers that we shoot from the deck of my dads farm every summer would contradict that info sheet. PETA don't bother calling me; I eat meat and go to rodeos as well.

The next exhibit that blew my mind was this exact replica of the jungle for this sweet baby monkey. It is so exact that I hardly knew it was a zoo. Fisher Price and all.

Finally the wolf exhibit was the piece de resistance - yes, yes indeed - this is a cardboard cutout of a wolf! 

Mind blowing, and it furthered my resolve to never be helper mom ever again! That and the elephant penis that I saw. Which was probably the highlight of the day.

A day well spent. Or a day spent.



I am grateful for all the sweet things everyone wrote yesterday for the birthday. Thank you! I will do the draws on Monday when we get back from camping.

I am grateful for school almost being done. I can't wait for summer time!

I am grateful for this net tent I am sitting in right now, so there are no mosquitoes bothering us as we play cards and I blog!

I am grateful for our dear friends who go camping with us, I love you Brits, and Nanny Brit too!

Wednesday, May 18


Can you hear the singing...Happy Birthday to my blog, Happy Birthday to my blog.....
I can not believe it has been 365 days/12 months/1 year since I first sat my duff down at this here computer and began to pour out my soul, tell my stories and share my life with the world. 
I have been thinking for the last few days what I would write on this day, and as always the best I could come up with is to share more of myself. 

Here are a few of the things I have learned over the last year:

No matter what your situation, you have something to offer the world. I was very hesitant to begin writing, I always planned on this being for my children, a way for them to get to know me when they see me more as a person and not the *roll your eyes* mom. But more and more people started reading and it became bigger than I ever imagined.  I always love hearing from people who liked something I shared, and it never ceases to amaze me when people tell me they read my blog. I hope that never gets old. I love it when people relate to me, and are touched by my words. 

I have learned that wearing a helmet is very important when riding ATV's and Motorcycles. I hope all my family has learned this as well!!

I have learned that the people appreciate authenticity. It is not always easy to be honest, and let's face it, not everyone is 100% of the time. But the more real one can be, others find comfort in that. It is easy to pretend being a mom of 4 is a piece of cake if that's what I chose to portray; I can write whatever I want to. But the fact of the matter is my laundry is still piled up on the floor most days, I sometimes wear my PJ's all day, my kids do eat KD once in a while and although this will come as a total surprise to all, I do yell occasionally! I do not sing all of my instructions to the children with nauseatingly choreographed dances to delight them. Shocking I know. 

I have learned that friends matter. Period! Everyone needs friends. And everyone needs good friends. 

Take care of your body, you only get one. Unless of course you can pay to have extra body parts shipped in from overseas, then in that case, go ahead and trash away. But for the rest of us, you need to take care of yourself. Exercise matters! Good food matters! Sleep matters! I love having PG in my life, but I would love to have not had to lose my health and independence to have meet him. He has brought me back to a full and active life, and for that he will forever be dear to me... take care of yourself.

Listen to your inner voice, it is not there because it has nothing better to do with its time. If something does not feel right, then do not do it! 

I have learned that gratitude makes you a much happier person. I love having a reason to look for things to be grateful for. When I first started my blog, I actually would find it a struggle to come up with three things to be grateful for. And now, it is normally the easiest part of my writing. I am always finding little things here and there to remember to write. Being grateful is contagious too, people love being around happy people, and when you are grateful people notice. 

I have learned how vital it is for me to laugh. I love laughing. It clears my head, warms my soul, and fixes anything that has gone wrong in my day. Laughing is easier then crying and I have never gotten a headache from laughing. 

And lastly, I have learned how much I love life. I am so very excited to see where this next year takes me. I look forward to growth and change. I love trying new things, and I hope this next year is full of new things!

Thank you to everyone who has come along on this journey with me. I am forever grateful. 

And just like with any good birthday party, I have presents....

Only these presents are for you, my dear readers. I have gotten a few of my favorite things and I want to share them with you. 
I have an Anthropologie mug with a J on it (obviously).
A set of 4 Anthropologie napkins.
2 packages of my favorite candy (chocolate covered pistachio's from Italy).
Jamie Oliver's cookbook Food Revolution (the book that changed my life and the way I look at food).
And 5 CD's of my favorite songs that I have used on Music Monday's.  Yup! A J is for Joelle mixtape. How grade 7 is that?  

All you have to do is write a comment. Tell me what you have liked over the last year, what you didn't like. What songs you love and are listening to right now. Anything will do really - post somewhere that you read Jisforjoelle.com (help a girl out). And I will draw the names and contact you with my Birthday gift to you for supporting me through this whole year!

Thank you again, for your time, my heart is so very full it is spewing over. 

Best wishes and thanks for coming over to my party...I'm going to go clean up now. 



I am grateful for Monika who sent me my dessert gum!!!!!! What perfect timing Mon, for my party and everything!!!

I am grateful for Renae. For her kind and listening ear, who always tells me what I need to hear, and seldom what I want to hear. 

I am grateful for my physio appointment today. It was wonderful to catch up with PG. I have missed you my friend!

I am grateful for all the people who read my blog. As of (11:58 pm) I have had 16,100 visits from 371 cities in the world. Amazing, and humbling.

I am grateful for my children and their health. 

I am grateful for Drew's support through this crazy blog thing.

I am grateful so very very grateful!!

Sunday with baby swell face.

Sunday English Sam's daughter Lara (lovingly called LaLa by me) spent the day in the hospital with the puffiest face I have ever seen.
She is really allergic to mosquito bites, when she gets them, this is what happens with in hours...

So we spent most of the afternoon waiting to see a doctor to tell Sam that LaLa is allergic...gasp, I know. We needed a doctor to tell us that.

Poor little girl.

During one part she was pretending to barf in a K basin. It was really funny because she had seen some guy throwing up in one an hour before, and then out of no where she started to copy what she had seen him do. very entertaining!

This little girl was so happy all day through needles, long wait times, and awful smells

She is such a ray of sunshine to me. She is my most favorite British 2 year old in the whole world!


I am praying for rain for the community of Slave Lake. 
My family is from Slave Lake. I actually still have family there. And I hope this fire will end  and that the families will be able to rebuild their lives soon.


Tuesday, May 17

The day I almost drove off the road while picking up my friend.

What a crazy morning. I was driving down to Calgary to pick up my friend Natasha who was returning from her month long trip to Italy/Switzerland/France/London. It is a 4 hour drive one way, and I was so very excited to see her again and chat. I have missed her terribly.

After I dropped Seth off at school I drove to the south end of the city to fill up the car and then be off for an entire day of driving and singing at the top of my lungs. I love driving.
After I filled up the car, I turned on the radio (it was around 11 am) and I heard sweet Adam McKale on the radio and felt a wash of happiness and gratitude for my day on Friday. So I decided to text him. I told him it was me, and said how much fun I had on Friday. I also said thank you and I gave him my blog address so he could see what I wrote about my time with him.

Imagine my shock when a few minutes later he read my text on the air and actually mentioned my blog, and said the address ON THE AIR. And then he said what a good blogger I was and that he enjoyed it! Then to my utter shock he said they posted my blog on their Facebook page and on their Twitter for everyone to read.

I was driving in complete shock and almost drove off the road.
Then all of a sudden my phone started chirping away receiving texts from friends saying my blog was on the NOW radio Facebook wall.
Mel started texting me my count. She said the moment she saw my blog on the Facebook page she wrote down the number and proceeded to text me all throughout the day as the number grew.

Final number at the end of the day was... are you ready for this... 800 readers! HOLY CRAP!!!! 
I average about 120 on a good day. And I realize numbers shouldn't matter, but let's face it - bigger is always better! In everything. And yes; that IS what she said.

So just to recap in case you don't know what this means; it means I am kind of a big deal, and not just in my own head anymore.

To those of you who might be one of the 800 new readers, I would like to say hello, and welcome! I hope you enjoy this little corner of the world.

My face was red all day from blushing.

What another great day! Adam McKale, I love you.



I am grateful my dear friend Tasha is home safe. As always she brought me home wonderful surprises; one from London and the other from Italy.

This is my tea towel map of the London Underground subway system. Funny how places I have yet to visit are calling my soul. I cannot wait to go!

I am grateful for moonlight and how perfect it shadows and highlights things and will forever be in my memory.

I am grateful for the hair care products I was able to get today; I ran out a couple of days ago and it's been a hot mess ever since.

I am grateful Drew is out of town tomorrow night which means I get the bed all to myself.

And just when I did not think this day could get any better look what arrived in the mail!
My spring love letter from Jamie Oliver!!!

Monday, May 16

My Day as a radio DJ - Another tick off my bucket list! The perfect Music Monday!

First I need to let you all know how sorry I am for the days between my last post. Blogger (my blog host) has been down for the last few days for maintenance. But things are back up now, and I have a few REALLY exciting days to catch you up on!!


I have spoken before about my favorite radio station 102.3 NOW radio here in Edmonton, they are so fun and young and play great music and I listen all the time. And when I drive 4 hours a day, I always appreciate humour and good tunes to help pass the time.

This last week (on Wednesday) the radio hosts were talking about having interns work with them. Each time slot had an intern, except the 10-3 show with Adam. He was saying on the radio how maybe if someone wanted to be his intern he would pay them $100, and they could do fun jobs from 12-3.

I got to thinking....

I have wanted to be a DJ, it's even on my bucket list. I wonder what I would have to do? So I texted in and asked how I could get a shot. Do I need to send a resume? Should I call? How about a pole dance; it is going to be an Olympic event ya know, so don't be gross...

I would pretty much do anything. I texted in twice and still had not heard anything back. So I called Drew and told him about it and he texted the radio station this...

Re: being an intern for Adam McKale;-my wife will! She would be amazing! Blow your socks off good. Make you want to hire her on the spot and grovel at her feet good. I'll even take the day off so she can do it.

A bit much I agree, but it got their attention.
They wrote Drew back and told me to call on Thursday afternoon for an "interview". Heck I can do better then that! Seth's school is 2 minutes away, so Thursday morning after I dropped Seth off at 9am I decided to stop in at the station and say hi, introduce myself and tell them I really want to be his intern.
And that is what I did!
I drove up to the station, took a few deep breaths, pulled up my big girl panties and told myself I can do anything, what do I have to lose?

I walked in with a big smile and my nice new green shirt and introduced myself.
The receptionist (TAZ) told me to hold on a sec and she went and got Adam. When he arrived I smiled as big as I could and shook his hand and said I really wanted to be his intern. Then I told him I would make him a cake too.
He said he was so impressed that I actually came down that I got the intern spot!!!! Right there! They cancelled all the other "interviews" and began announcing that I would be in studio the next day.
It was so exciting hearing them talk about me all afternoon that I was actually squealing and doing the in-car dance whenever I heard my name.

It made it even more exciting when they posted on their Facebook wall asking listeners for suggestions of what they should make me do while I was there all afternoon.

Some of the ideas that came back were:
Talk with an accent
Hand out condoms
Pole dance
Foot massage
Get coffee
Sing and dance
Clean Adam's desk
just to name a few...

I could hardly sleep that night. I just kept hoping I would not sound like a total idiot on the air. If I'm being honest I was also daydreaming a little, imagining they loved me so much they offered me a job... a girl can dream right?

Friday morning I woke, shot out of bed and was instantly excited, the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy, but I liked it. I love that rush of adrenalin. 
I love things like this. It makes me feel alive.
I got dressed in my best outfit and started fidgeting and pacing by 9am.
I assembled the cake and was out the door by 11.
Drew was so sweet, he worked from home to be with Nora so I could go.

I arrived at the station at 11:30, I took a few more deep breaths, fixed my lipstick, and went inside. I was introduced to tons of people, then taken into the studio. I took some pictures and was shown how things work. Really interesting!

My Mic. 

This is Adam... say hi!

My fab yellow Liz Claiborne mules. 

Cool little pep talk to the hosts on the window.

Adams desk before

Adams desk after

The lemon and blueberry cake that everyone loved. People actually came in off the street  to get some!

Taz, the fastest texter I have ever seen. Honestly she could win an award. 

Rachel and Cary (afternoon time slot hosts) - they loved my cake too. Cary told me I was really pretty... he was kind of cute himself ...blush...

Here is how some of  my day went. I actually was there for three hours, so these are just a few of the snippets.

When it was all over (around 2:30) Adam was saying good by and then he surprised me with this...

He said at the end he was so happy with me and he loved my "That's what she said" joke that he decided to give me $200 instead of just the $100!!!! Also because my friend Mel told him too - props to you Mel!

And then after I left and Adam switched to the afternoon hosts (Rachel and Cary) they kept talking about me and my awesomeness.

What a great day! What a perfect day! I had so much fun. I love feeling exhilarated and nervous - the energy from it keeps me going. I love trying new things and having new experiences. And making double the money ain't half bad either!

My friend suggested from now on when I cross something off my bucket list, I need to add something new to it - excellent plan!

Be a radio DJ, even if just for a day

I have been thinking about it all morning so, to my bucket list I will add these new things (because I crossed off NYC, NBA game, DJ and some food in the last few months) and I have it on good authority from Drew that I have U2 tickets now which means I will be crossing off another thing from my bucket list very soon in 17 days (but who's counting)!

-Learn another language, Italian preferably and be better at sign language. 
-Try SCUBA Diving
-Go White water rafting
-Learn Chess, I have always loved the idea of this game. I want to learn.
-Make or help make someone else's dream(s) come true, however big or small.
-Play golf at midnight in the NWT where it's light 24 hours a day in the summer.
-Throw a very large dinner party for my dearest friends so they know how much I love them.
-Pack a bag and go to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere for the day or weekend.
-Bury the hatchet with a few people I had conflict with once.
-Watch an animal being born, or hatched.
-Climb a tree with someone after having a picnic.
-Join a baseball team and play again

Last I would love to encourage everyone to write out a bucket list. Goals are amazing things, it's important to have things you dream about, vital really. I love having a list of things I can look at that I have accomplished, and things that I still want to do. Go on, give it a try, what's the worst that can happen... your dreams come true, even if just for a day!

Still smiling from ear to ear,



I am grateful for all my friends who texted in while I was a DJ for a day. It was wonderful to feel so loved and supported. I have the greatest group of friends! Thank you!!

I am grateful for a beautiful life full of opportunities, love and friends.  After one day of being a DJ, I earned enough to buy my ticket to Italy from London, and enough for a pretty shirt to wear in Italy too!

I am grateful Dawson came up and hung with us this weekend, always a treat my friend!

I am grateful. Just really, really grateful!