Thursday, April 14

When you find your happiness

I feel often as mothers we lose ourselves a little. Becoming "everything" for these tiny creatures we invite into our lives can cause us to forget who we are. 

I am sure there are exceptions to this statement, but I am not one of them. It has taken me years to find myself again. To find what makes me happy and what I truly love. 

But it has returned! I think this next phase of parenting will be so interesting because my children will know me, the real me. They might not find her very cool, but she will be authentic. 

I really love blistex, but not the tubes. I love the little jars that you have to apply with your finger. 
I really love to laugh, from the belly that bring tears to my eyes. I will find any excuse to laugh.
I really love how good my body feels after I run. 
I really love that I have a sensational group of friends. Some are in different stages of life, but they are all wonderful. 
I really love feeling safe, and cared for. 
I really love that my children are older, and love to play and laugh. 


I am grateful for how clear my head feels, and the happiness that accompanies it. 
I am grateful for a strong body.


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