Friday, April 1

Waking up to sirens, yelling and honking - a true vacation

Do you know that place between sleep and awake - when you are still in the throws of the wildly fantastic dream your subconscious is allowing yet things that are going on in your actual surroundings become involved in your dream?  Most of the time this happens to me when my alarm clock (radio) goes off and I'll have background music in my dream.  But today was different.  While I was in the arms of my subconscious dream man awaiting his tender kiss, we were being serenaded by sirens, horns honking, construction work and people yelling.  It was an interesting way to wake up. And I didn't get my kiss.

This morning started out quite late - Drew is sick and slept in till noon.  But when we got going man did we ever have a busy day! Again, the best way to show you our spontaneous adventures is in pictures.

This is the scenery out our hotel window.  Fairly romantic in a brick wall no skyline zero mountain type of way.  And strangely, I still love it and think it's beautiful.

This is day 2, blog entry 3 of NY.  But day 2 of actually in NYC!

This is my being extremely bored while waiting for sick Drew to get out of bed and finish getting ready self portrait.

More bored Joelle pictures.

So every morning I get a Starbucks and I told them my name was Joelle.  This is how it ended up on the second attempt.  Exciting news - while leaving Starbucks I finally had somebody smile back at me!

One of the beautiful buildings while we were out walking around.

These trailers are actually movie filming trailers - a movie with Ashton Kutcher and Halle Berry is being filmed down the street from our hotel.  We saw these movie trailers all over. I'm waiting for my invite to be an extra in their movie.

As we were walking down to Times Square, we passed the Late Show with David Letterman.  

We stopped at a cupcake store because I saw the biggest cupcake I've ever seen in my life (top center obviously).  It was $35 by the way. 

This is us at Times Square.

OK so... while we were processing all 80 pictures for my blog tonight (of the 418 we took today), I was informed that I have a 1GB storage limit and can't post them all tonight.  We've purchased more storage but it says it will take up to 24hrs before it becomes 'active'.  In the meantime, I will finish tonight by telling you that later on in the day after we visited Times Square we bought comedy club tickets for the Comedy Club that Jerry Seinfeld performs at (at the beginning of every Seinfeld episode)and that Chris Rock is currently filming a documentary in  and we went on a bus tour.  We picked a random bus and ended up with the funniest man as our tour guide.  He completely made the 2.5hr bus ride absolutely wonderful and we enjoyed every second of it.

When we returned from the bus trip I practically collapsed onto the bed I was so exhausted. We had such a fun day.  It was so busy.  Tomorrow I will post the remaining pictures from today.


I am grateful Drew was smart enough to talk me into bringing a warm jacket. It rained all day and I was super cold. 

I am grateful I think I found the souvenir I am going to bring home from NYC!!! 

I am grateful my pranks worked on my friends today. I had planned almost a month ago to sell my friend English Dean's truck in the Bargain Finder. He has a nice 2011 F-150, but the advert read all leather, Bose stereo, and we priced it less then half..... I am brilliant and the add runs for 2 weeks! He got six calls on it already today (maniacal laughter). I also sold a friend of mine's horse trailer. I have not heard how that turned out for him yet. 

I am grateful for such a great camera.



Revised April 1st.  We have more space now, so I'm going to add the rest of the pictures we took for today.


We considered going to a broadway show that we were here.  There is tons to choose from... here are just a few.  But ticket prices were a little much and neither of us really like musicals so this is about as close to them as we got.

This is Joe.  He sold us our tour bus tickets.  Best purchase so far in NY.

Times Square.

There is probably about 3 police officers for every block in NY so I asked if it was OK to get a picture taken with them.  And apparently it's fairly common.  I think the guy on the left practices his stance in the mirror at home.

These police officers asked me if I wanted a police sandwich - to which of course I eagerly responded "Hell yes I do".  Thank you New York's finest, you were delicious.
Speaking of delicious, Drew wanted a hot dog from a street vendor.

I had one bite and that was plenty for me. 

This is a giant billboard in Times Square for the store Forever 21.  If you can see close enough we are actually in the picture.  We are little tiny specks but it was cool to be on a billboard in times square.

I will never get used to this.  People in NY don't wait until there is a walk sign to cross the street - they will do it whenever.  Doesn't matter if there is an ocean of vehicles headed towards them at breakneck speed - they will just cross the street.  Most of the time they don't even look.  And then the poor vehicle who has the right of way is stuck waiting for 15-20 people to cross the street before it can go when it shouldn't have to wait at all.  I will stand there patiently until the sign says go and it's weird; the few times I have crossed when it's not my turn - I kind of feel guilty.  

This is on our tour bus.  (Garret's tour bus).  I sat at the back where it wasn't covered and pretty much just hung out the back of the bus taking pictures of everything for 3 hours.  I had a great time.

Drew wasn't so brave and sat one row in.

I am continually amazed with NY.

We were driving along on the tour bus and waiting at a set of lights when I heard some yelling on the street beside me and when I looked down I caught this girl beating the crap out of this guy.  He was calling for the police to make her stop.  


This is the US postal office.  It's a beautiful building.

More beautiful buildings.

The Empire State Building.

What I love about driving through NY is every once in a while there is a gorgeous manicured park smack in the middle of a high traffic area.

This police car was coming towards our bus with lights and siren on.  If you look carefully, the police officer in the passenger seat is texting.

Tiles for America.  

After 9-11 when people were posting pictures of their missing loved ones and enough time had passed for them to realize that their loved ones were gone, students from NY made these tiles in memory of the lost loved ones.

During a section of our tour, the guide actually had to stop talking because it's against the law to do tours in "the Village".

I love the building and I love the tree.

A gunshot sound monitor.  They are sprinkled throughout NY.

The cemetery's are surprisingly serene here.

This is the bull statue that I love in the movie Hitch.

This ball was near the twin towers and they both fell on it.  Other stuff was pulverized, but this is only a little rough.  So now it's a memorial statue located near the rebuilding of the Freedom tower.

The tour took us by the harbour.

The Manhattan bridge.

Such an erie building - The Bellvue Mental Hospital.

This is the statue outside of the UN building.  Garret (the tour bus guide) told us that it "is made from the carcass of a soviet nuclear missle in the shape of a giant squid and of course the guy is stabbing it on his trusty steed representing the ongoing battle the US has with dragons."  And like most of Garret's jokes, the only person laughing was Joelle.

One of 5 Trump towers in Manhattan.

Radio City Music Hall.

It might look rough but this pizza was sensational.

Drew's was allright too.

Because nothing closes until ridiculous hours of the night, we decided to go to Madame Tussaults wax museum after we got our second wind after eating supper.  This is Drew checking out Kim Kardashians... shoes.  

He played it pretty cool with Jennifer Aniston too.

I was off chatting it up with Samuel L Jackson.

Holy Smokes.  Robert Pattinson is cute.  This one's for you Amanda and Lucy!

Sadly this is as close to Oprah as I'm ever going to get.

Daniel Craig... will you marry me?

How convenient... I just happened to have my "Confessions" app on my phone when I met the pope!

John Wayne.  

And here's the spice girls for English Sam.

Some of the workers at the museum told us that girls actually start crying when they see the new Justin Bieber figure.  

Drew and T. Swizzle.

Ohhh... my hero from when I was younger.
Before we go any further, I would love to make a comment about the wax museum and the figurines in it.  Apparently all the figurines are 100% to scale of the actual people.  And the thing that I found most amazing (apart from the fact that they are so believable and real and that their eyes even look moist) was shockingly how small all of the women are.  By little I mean their actual sizes were very short and their body's were so tiny.  When I see J.Lo. on TV for American Idol every week she looks like a rather curvaceous woman - not big by any stretch of the imagination but somewhat substantial.  But her wax figurine was shorter than me and she was actually quite petite.  The wax figurine of lady Gage was probably the most shocking in that she could be somebody I would pass on the street and I would never even notice.  Hence the reason she arrives to events in eggs so people will notice her.

Moving on to Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum... which was right next door. 

This gentleman is rather tall.

This is a gun ring - an actual working gun ring.  This one's for our boys who love James Bond type things.

This is a piece of the Berlin wall.

This drum was made from the skulls of two people.  Giving new meaning to banging heads.  Apparently this was this culture's way of mourning the dead - scalping them, cutting the skulls and making musical instruments out of their loved ones.  Please just put me in a box in the ground.

This little beauty is a framed collection of hair jewelery.  Apparently these people when their loved ones died would braid the dead persons hair and wear it.  In remembrance of course.  Disgusting! Put me in a box and don't touch my hair.  I'm pretty sure I saw in a museum in Utah that they actually did hair jewelery as gifts once upon a time as well.  Still gross.

This beautiful little pig mask is what was placed on a woman when her husband felt that she was gossiping too much.  Circa 1700's maybe. It was to be shameful and uncomfortable to deter women from gossiping.

After we left Ripley's museum Drew was bombarded by this man who is apparently a musical artist wanting to sell his new CD.  He started calling Drew "Big Drew", signed the CD then asked for money.  We agreed but told him the condition was to wear a Canada mitten and get a picture taken with us.  Good fun.

While walking back to the hotel through Times Square (and by the way we were freezing cold) we see this guy.  The Naked Cowboy.  We have no idea really what he did except get pictures taken with a lot of girls.

Times Square at night.

Drew's chicken cabob that he ended up dropping half of on the ground while walking back to the hotel.

And then I've been watching commercials for this yogurt for the last couple of weeks and completely agree with the advertisements.  Best yogurt I've ever eaten.  


Natasha said...

Very nice practical joke. Love it.

(I was afraid to press Enter/Return just now to get to a new line, because of stupid Facebook.)

I can't wait to see more photos and here more about the trip over the phone.

I can't believe I didn't say this already but you need to get me a Christmas ornament for my tree! Pick whatever you want as long as it's not a penis or a vagina. Yes, I feel like I need to make that explicitly clear because with you, I never know. (Breasts and bums are perfectly fine, obviously.) In all seriousness, something New Yorky.

I'm glad you're married to a smart man, too.

Have fun and come back mugged at least once! xo.

Natasha said...

*hear, not here. UGH.

Mel said...

Honestly!! These pictures are great! Did you wash your lips with hand sanitizer after kissing Daniel Craig??
It looks like you guys are having such a great time!! thanks for bringing us along!

Amy said...

Love all the pics...what an amazing trip so far!!!

Monika Crowfoot said...

You are in NY and you go to SBARRO for Pizza? You are SO Michael Scott!

J said...

SBarro was a desperation move - we were starving.