Tuesday, April 12

Three wet pants and I need a valium

Today when the children were all finally in bed I was just shaking from parts of the day. Today I found being a mom really hard... ya cause most days are a breeze. Pft.

But this afternoon was especially trying for me.
Two of the boys lied to me, one right to my face. I know this is going to happen more and more, and it is actually a sign of intelligence, but it makes me mad. Especially when it's over such stupid things. Grrrr!
I remember being this age; I remember lying to my mom.


We were invited over for dinner at the Brit's house and Nora wet herself 3 times while we were there. The crazy part is she only has accidents there because she never wants to stop playing with her little friends. I get it, but honestly I wanted to lose my mind. I was so tense when I left, I needed a Valium, but dinner was excellent.

I found myself daydreaming about New York a lot after the children went to bed and I was doing laundry.  It was nice to have a change of scenery. I was back in Central Park, it was sunny, and I could hear the man playing the violin. This is what I thought about in my daydreams...



I am grateful for the motorcycles I saw out on the road today. To me that is just as much a sign of spring as the snow melting. I love motorcycle season, I love motorcycles!

I am grateful for the most delicious gum I have ever eaten in my life today. I bought a few packs down in NYC.  This gum is to your taste buds what listening to a jazz saxophone is to your soul. If I have any readers in the USA, if I could sweet talk you into sending me more I would sing your praises forever because they don't sell it in Canada.

(This one and the mint ice cream one too)
I am grateful for my dear friend Garth and his continually wise council to me. I appreciate him and his wisdom. I am a very lucky girl to have such wonderful friends in my life. 

I am grateful that the summer is starting to look promising and not as depressing as it once did.


Natasha said...

My friend Holly was raving about this gum on Twitter but said the flavour didn't last long.

Colleen Pollock-Patience said...

That gum comes in Strawberry Shortcake too. I have some.

Leah M said...

Daydreams post vacation are so fabulous!! It helps beat the post trip blues. Especially when they involve flowers and green grass when it is still sooooo brown and dirty here!
*sending potty strength!*