Saturday, April 30

Royal Wedding Indeed!

What a fun distraction from real life today was.

Kate married William, a regular girl married her Prince....sigh....

I am normally not into weddings, actually I am for the most part rather cynical about junk like that, but for some strange reason I was completely enthralled with it all today. Some friends and I got together and threw a few things together and watched every bit of it!!

The tiny Union Jack I found and hung in my front window.

We also decorated the tree in my front yard, so everyone on our street could participate.

We wanted the decor to be subtle...we came close. 

The food was a collection of all our favorites. 

We all had our fake Diana/Katheryn rings from Walmart.

One of the highlights for me was the head wear. Oh my goodness, what were they thinking?

Queen Mum looked wonderful.

More crazy head wear.

And more....
And more.....

And More..

And more!

Then there was Miss. Pippa. Holy cow did she ever look fantastic!

Katheryn, what a stunning dress. She was breathtaking. 

To end the magical festivities, and the absolute highlight for me was the extraordinary hairy Priest. 
He has the longest eyebrows I have ever seen in my entire life. Wowza!


I am grateful for good friends. 

I am grateful for the weather. 

I am grateful for understanding and caring. 



Melissa Haavind said...

It's all about the hat!! That's so awesome that you and your friends planned a party! Great decorations! I had to laugh at your comment about the hairy Priest!

Lady Leah M said...

I so totally would have loved your party!! I'm so impressed with your super clear pictures taken of the television!! Nice!!
I was supposed to have a tea and crumpets party with my beehives Thursday night, but superstore was sold out of crumpets!! So we had english muffins instead.
I can't wait for the big colorful magazines with all the great hat pictures to come out!
XO Leah