Monday, April 4

Music Monday - The Sounds of New York

For this Music Monday I wanted you to hear some of the things that I hear in New York.  It's such a diverse place that the best way I could describe it is by letting you listen to it yourself.

Street performers/Hip-hop dancers outside of Central Park.

Central park drummer.

Symphony of squeaky brakes walking down Broadway.

The hustle of Times Square.

Chinatown market.

Filming a movie in Times Square.  Apologies for the jitter.

Some religious singing on a street corner.


The subway - sorry it is crooked to start with. It straightens out.

Street drummer after the Knicks game.


I am grateful for the sounds that I hope never leave my memory of New York.

I am grateful I still have two more days here in the big apple.



Amy said...

I feel like I'm on a virtual vacation with you!! This is the BEST POST!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sounds of NYC. We didn't see very many performers when we were there. Thanks for sharing and enjoying your last two days!!! Laurie

Leah M said...

Oh my gosh Joelle!!
I love how much you love everything! Big, small, sights, sounds. You would be great to travel with!! You really should let me show you London sometime!
So glad you have a few more days to enjoy!