Tuesday, April 5

More name dropping, museums and Central Park - Day 6

Day 6 and I am starting to miss home. I miss the kids and I miss Nora... yup it's true. I miss them so much and I miss the Brits too. Thankfully we have been able to Skype the whole time, but I am ready to get going.

But alas, I have two more days of New York City and I'm going to enjoy it to the max before I get back to the grind and to Nora screaming at me.

On day 6 the weather is beautiful and we have designated these last two days as museum days.

We've decided to go to the Pompeii exhibit - in town for a short time and English Sam wanted to take me when we go to Italy - it's the one with Mt. Vesuvius that buried the entire city of Pompeii under lava.  

On our walk to the exhibit we saw NY's finest needing a boost... from passerby's.  No joke - no police officer was in site during the boosting of this van.  See? New Yorkers are friendly.

We passed two sets on the way to the exhibit.  This one was for a pilot TV show.

When we got to the Pompeii exhibit (no cameras allowed, sorry) - they were getting ready for the Harry Potter Exhibit opening that evening (a red carpet affair obviously).  Apparently the actors from Harry Potter were going to be making an appearance - pretty exciting - not for us... 

... But for the streams of young girls who had camped overnight and who were screaming at any movement the workers made to get ready for the event, VERY exciting.  It was ridiculous.

This is for Natasha.  Jude is in town.

This is the burger king from last nights 'situation'.  Please do not ever go into the bathroom at this Burger King.

Shift change for the NYPD.  They park all their cars on the sidewalk.  This is such a crazy place.

Lunchtime at Times Square.

This Maoz vegetarian restaurant is the best establishment I've ever eaten at.  This was my third time eating there this trip. I love it so much! It makes going veggie so easy.

The M&M store... getting treats.  These dispense M&M's so you can get whatever type and colour of M&M you like.

Here's some themed mixtures that they've created.  We were there for pretzel M&M's for the Brit.

After lunch we had frozen yogurt from a place down the street from our hotel.  Just a shout out to Matthew - awesome recommendation on the hotel my friend!  Thank you so very much.

It was delicious and I'll probably go back tomorrow.

With our yogurt we went for another walk around Central Park.  Strawberry fields.

John Lennon's imagine.

This was such a great walk through Central Park.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  Drew took some really great pictures while we were here too.

While we walked through 'the mall' (the collection of elm trees that make a canopy at the top - in all the very romantic movies shot in NY) these guys were blowing these huge bubbles.  So fun to watch!

This is the mall.

While we were walking around after we got out of the mall area, we could hear somebody speaking on a PA system.  We decided to be snoopy and go check out what was going on.  We found an ice rink with a group of people standing on the rink.  We got closer and look who we found!...

Donald friggin Trump, his wife Melania, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger, Todd Eldredge (figure skater), Tim Goebel (figure skater)

Vera Wang (if I need to tell you who that is we are not friends), Evan Lysacek (figure skater), Joannie Rochette (Canadian figure skater whose mom died in Vancouver at the Olympics)

Johnny Weir (figure skater), Tim Goebel (figure skater)

Those who were in attendance but we don't have pictures of (and now we are just name dropping) included Christopher Meloni (Law & Order SVU), Kurt Browning (Canadian figure skater), Carson Kressley (fashion know it all), Dorothy Hammill (figure skater), Star Jones (lawyer/The View), Kelly Rippa and her unbelievably handsome hunk of a husband, just to name a few.

After we were finished being starstruck, we went back down to Times Square for dinner.  I met Maximus the police horse. 

And we found another movie being filmed. 

With Angelica Huston in it. Are any of you impressed with my star sightings yet?

Had I been brave enough to walk across the set while it was being filmed, I could have fulfilled another life dream of being an extra in a movie.  But I was afraid I would get kicked in the teeth.

We ate at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  

Mine was garlic shrimp & veggie skewers.

We had a side order of coconut shrimp.

Drew had fish and chips. It was wonderful.


I am grateful for the shoe sale that Drew and I found. 

I am grateful for the feelings of longing that I have to be home.  Even though I'm enjoying every moment of this trip immensely, it's nice that my heart is tugging at me to get back to the real world or it would be way to easy to stay here forever.

I am grateful for the clean bathrooms I used today.



Melissa Haavind said...

Wonderful pictures Joelle!! Reading your blog I so want to go back to NYC!! That's so cool that you followed the voices from the PA System and saw a bunch of celebrities!! And I was waiting for you to post a picture of a police horse ;)

Natasha said...

As I scrolled down and saw my future husband's face, I sucked in my breath. Then I saw your comment. Yes, he was performing Hamlet when I was in London. Argh. And he'll be there performing another play in August. How are we supposed to bump into each other and meet when he's in New York and I'm in Europe?!

Being in Times Square would be very cool.

I'm hungry.

Leah M said...

Oh. My. Gosh. All my favorite figure skaters!! And the other famous people too!! I was all a flutter with the pictures!!

Oh yeah, Drew takes pretty good pictures too!

Lucy Duggins said...

I am grateful for you! As I am totally reliving our honeymoon in NYC...you are even staying in the same HOTEL!!! love it!!!!

Unknown said...

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