Saturday, April 9

A little giggle for the weekend

I was going through my pictures from NY and found a few that I wanted to share today.  One of the gift shops we stopped at had a ton of these little magnets that I thought were just hilarious and I wanted to share them with everyone.  They make me giggle.

Also I realized that after my trip I can cross of some things on my life's to do list (AKA bucket list)!
Go to New York City
-Side goals for this include eat a hotdog from a street vendor, purchase something from a shady character down a back alley (and not be killed/mugged by said shady character)
-Buy a pair of shoes
Obviously as most of you who have been reading know, I went to NYC.  Had the time of my life.  Had a bite of Drew's hot dog from a street vendor, purchased a watch from a shady character down a back alley and I bought a pair of shoes (technically boots, but they go on your feet so they count).

Go to a live taping of Saturday Night Live
-Justin Timberlake is the host and Amy Poehler will be guest starring
-Amy will meet me, and we will chat and laugh together.
I did not achieve this yet, but I did see the set so I'm one step closer.

Go to an NBA game
Awesome, awesome, awesome.

Meet Oprah
Not even close I know, but beggars cannot be choosers.

Have a good weekend!



I am grateful for honest friends.

I am grateful for how good the hot tub felt.

I am grateful for love and peace and happiness.

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Natasha said...

The artery clogging one made me laugh out loud. I think I heard a hint of demon in my laugh.