Tuesday, April 19

Just keep breathing...

Today was a nightmare. 
The children were crazy, and I almost lost my mind. 

Just keep breathing.....


I want to send out a special Happy Birthday to my friends Tasha and Dean!

I hope you both have a wonderful day, and I love you!


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Natasha said...

Seriously? That's it? An addendum? These are TWO SEPARATE days we're talking about! You might have a GREAT day on my birthday. Maybe even BECAUSE it's my birthday. The energy of me, the cosmic celebration that is taking place right now might infect your crazy Nora, at least for the day and you'll be able to manage to swing a better post than this.

Happy birthday, Dean! You picked a great day to be born! Right on an astrological cusp— way to slide right in there, all tricky-like. April 19th looks fantastic on you. I think it makes you look thinner and more... whatever good you look. I've only seen a couple of photos and don't even remember what you look like but I'm sure it's VERY April nineteeny in a sparkle-and-punch way. Or maybe it's just me who looks good, I'm not sure. In which case, sorry for rubbing it in.