Thursday, April 7

Home, Safe and sound

The trip home was uneventful. Our cab driver from the hotel thought he was a Indy race car driver, and I was actually a little frightened.

 I did my absolute best to not look cute flying home to spare myself any unwanted "random selections" I did a good job, I did not even get a second look.

The plane ride from NY to Toronto was beautiful but a solemn one for me.

I am full of mixed feelings, happy to be home with the children, sad that Central Park will only be a distant memory. She is my new happy place, it quickly has become a part of me and I miss her terribly.

So back to laundry. Back to crying children and fighting. Back to driving hours and hours everyday.

I don't mind, because now when I day dream to pass the time, I have new scenery as my backdrop.

I am grateful for my in laws, Dick and Diane I could never thank you enough for this.

I am grateful to be home where I feel loved and comfortable.

I am grateful for how cuddly Nora was when we got home. 



Phedra said...

I missed you!

Anonymous said...

Joelle, thank you for my virtual holiday in New York City. The only thing that could have made it better was if I actually ate the food you so beautifully photographed. And if I saw inside the museums, I guess. You have a gift of storytelling; you always make me laugh. I love reading your blog!