Monday, April 18

Homage to Rap Music Monday

The weather this weekend was not great, actually it was a little chilly but the sun was out. When the sun is out, it makes me feel so happy. So happy in fact, I decided to get the first slush of the season. (Shaved ice loaded with pop flavor and sugar) My favorite will always be a coke good!

As I was walking out of the Max store with my slush in hand, I heard a strange noise just behind me. I was a little unsure what it was, I kept walking to my truck and I heard it again. When I turned around there was a guy hanging out of his car making "cat calls" at me. 

He had a huge smile on his face, and his buddy with him in the car was yelling something too. 

I was a little flushed, I had never had this happen to me before. I felt a little silly and found myself stumbling for words. 

Then the guys yells at me, "Not Bad"!

I thought for a second...really?...a classy lady would be so offended by this disgusting behavior, so I say to the guy,  "Thank you... next time do it when more people are around and can hear you"  He smiled back.


This weeks music Monday (my Rap MM) might not be one everyone enjoys, but that's okay. Music is a form of art, and not everyone loves the same pictures...but give it a try, you never know what you might find...

Run DMC Peter Piper

Snoop Dogg& Dr. Dre-Aint Nothing But A G Thang

Missy Elliott-Work It

Soulja Boy Tell'em-Crank That

T.I.-Live Your Life

Empire State Of Mind Jay-Z


I am grateful for my sweet neighbor who shoveled our entire walk after the snow this week.

I am grateful my friend is leaving on the trip of a life time, I hope she finds peace there. 

I am grateful Drew is feeling better.



Natasha said...

Clearly, you were not wearing those awful black boots when you had your slushie in hand. ;-P I prefer apple slushies.

(I'm going to Switzerland, for maybe two months!! See Facebook.)

Natasha said...

Peace and five husbands, to make up for [you know]. If you can get a cheap flight to Switzerland, you can stay with me. How do you feel about handling live bugs for Berit's lizards and frogs?