Friday, April 15

Happy Spring!

What an absolutely delightful day I had yesterday, full of baking cookies, and wrapping Christmas gifts.
The children hung there stocking...
ooh wait no we didn't. What the hell am I talking about, its not Christmas....

YA, IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS IT IS APRIL OF HEAVENS SAKE!!!!! 20 to 30 cm of snow this week. Are you serious!!???

Why do I live in Canada again? 

My front yard was almost completely clear of snow, until yesterday, now it's covered again. I think I have figured out why people leave Canada out of everything when it comes to world domination and war. I think it's because they know/fear we are such a tightly wound people because of the amount of snow we get they are genuinely afraid of us. That one day we might just snap, because we have not seen the sun in months, and we are stuck in doors for huge stretches at a time. They have a overall worry of the mental condition of our people they just avoid us all together, rightfully so. 

 Today I am outside with my aerosol cans doing my part to destroy the ozone in an attempt to warm this joint up a little. 
Also I have my hair dryer melting the snow too. Nora has nothing better to do today, she can use the other hair dryer.


I am grateful for my neighbor who, yet again, saved my bacon at 10:30 at night. Thanks K!!

I am grateful for the help I received today from English Sam and mother in law, they watched the kids so I could take care of Drew. (He has Pneumonia) 

I am grateful the snow will not last the better not anyway.

I am grateful for the weekend, and a good babysitter!!!


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Natasha said...

I am kind of glad for the snow because it makes me want to leave and it will make Italy seem great, even if I feel too [everything] to appreciate it. I'm so up and down. But, ya, I don't know how to come back so soon and settle down for another six months of winter. I already feel like February and March are too close for comfort. Let me go back to when a year was 24 months long! (Or did I not tell you that math story of mine. It's a goodie.) Ethan said he'd be charmed and enamoured by the snow. Stupid UK people always think that. They have no idea what they're talking about. They just *sound* smart with their posh accents.