Wednesday, April 27

A day late and a dollar short.

This past week has been a rough one, so thank you for your patience in regards to my blog. I am back and will not miss anymore. 

So I will pick up where I have left off.... 

Last weekend (for Easter) we went on a camping trip as a family, and with friends. And in true "our family style" it was a bit of a gong show. But I think over all everyone had a good time. 

Drew bought a new trailer for our family, so this weekend was going to be its test run. It was no surprise to me that we were 2 hours late leaving, and an hour into the drive we blew a tire. The reason I was not surprised is because I have been a member of this family for a while now. Nothing surprises me anymore. 

Our blown tire, this bad boy set us back another hour. Thankfully it was very beautiful out. SO I could walk around the side of the highway and take fantastic scenic pictures like this...

And this one.

This is when the angelic horns starting trumpeting and Jeff emerged to save the day!

Superhero Jeff (hes the one in the awesome blue outfit if you could not tell) fixing the tire!!!

Horribly bored Sam on the side of the road.

Horribly bored J on the side of the road. 

Horribly bored girls in the truck on the side of the road. 

Jeff fixing the tire finally put a smile on Drew's face. 

We arrived at the camp site later then planned, but my parents and brother had been there all morning, cooking a roast. 

Dinner was wonderful that night. Nothing better then family, friends and tons of food. 

The trees behind my parents trailer. The children played for hours and hours. They would emerge every so often crying and needing a band aid, at the end of the weekend the children all smelled horrible, they all had scratches on their faces, and huge smiles from ear to ear.

Lexi's make shift boots, she got hers wet 10 seconds after we arrived, so out came the plastic bags and duct tape. 

The Easter bunny came while we were there too. 

Mad dash to get candy

This is the Brit learning to use a camera, and even after I explained it 3 times he still did not turn it on.

The majority of the weekend was spent playing Bocci, I really love that game, which was evidenced by the fact I won almost every game...cough, cough.  

Camping TV

I love how fires are better then T.V's .Everyone just stares at them for hours mesmerized by the colours and heat. Even in the middle of the day. 

We all went for a few walks around the golf course, it was such a beautiful weekend. 

Dawson and I are idiots, It was so nice having him there to talk to. I'm 32 and I still cry when he leaves. I really love you kid!


I am grateful, really really grateful the weather is getting nicer. The grass is getting green, and the days are longer. I love it!

I am grateful for the royal wedding on Friday, I am not ashamed to admit that I can't wait..I am going to spend the day watching everything, eating scones and cream, and envying Kate....sigh

I am grateful for sleep. 


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